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A great day out and tasty (and cheap!) wine to boot. Certainly beats popping to my local supermarket.

Matt P, St Albans

Make a visit to Calais really worth it by stocking up - whether it be for an upcoming event or simply everyday drinking!

Fill your boots!

Here's a rough guide to how many bottles of wine (and how much you can save) by filling up your car at Majestic Wine Calais

Size Av Bottles Saving*
Small Car 150 £450
Estate Car 300 £900
4x4 400 £1,200
Small Van 600 £1,800

*all savings calculated based on our average saving of £3 per bottle against UK prices. All capacities calculated as a guide only, including you and a passenger to keep you company.

How much can you fit in your car?

Weight limits vary from car to car, that's why we'd recommend working out your car's precise capacity before loading up with delicious discounted wine!

  1. Find out your car's maximum weight: it’ll be on the manufacturer’s website
  2. Tot up the weight of all your passengers (make sure they’re being honest!) plus the weight of any extra bits and bobs kicking around your boot. Subtract this from the maximum loading weight
  3. Reckon on the following weights of what you’ll be buying from us:
    • Wine: 8kg per 6 bottle case
    • Sparkling Wine: 9kg per 6 bottles
    • Lager: 15kg per case of 24
    • Bitter: 12kg per case of 12/ 15kg per case of 24

What about Customs?

You can bring home as much wine, beer and spirits as you like, providing it is for your own use (which includes gifts, weddings and parties). HM Revenue & Customs publish guidelines of what can be considered reasonable, which are:

  • Wine and/or Champagne: 90 litres
  • Beer: 110 litres
  • Spirits: 10 litres

These are guidelines only and customs do not enforce strict limits. However, if you are bringing back more you should be ready to show it is for personal use - it may be useful to take copies of your wedding invites or a receipt for your venue deposit for example. Please visit or phone 0845 010 9000 for more information.