Take the hassle out of it

Choosing your wine doesn't need to be stressful with these pre-selected suggestions

Crowd Pleasers

Your future mother-in-law is a devotee of oaked Chardonnay but you can't stand the stuff; and your. Your best man keeps recommending obscure grape varieties and your fiancee professes to hate red wine in all forms. You need options that will please a host of difficult parties.

Bargainous Buys

Dream of putting on an open bar throughout the evening but think you lack the budget? Calais offers such incredible savings that, with a reasonable (or non-existent!) corkage fee at your venue, you can lay on a party people will remember for years to come.

Classic Selection

You see a visit to Calais as an opportunity not only to save, but also to trade up in terms of quality. Classics from the old world heartland of France will impress both visually and in the glass.