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Christmas and New Year Opening days/timesDate published: 01/11/17

That time of year is coming and for all of you planning to come visit us to stock up on wines for the festive period please find our Christmas/New Year opening hours below:

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 9am to 7pm

Sunday: 9am to 6pm

CLOSED: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Porta 6 Back at £3.49!!!Date published: 24/01/17

Back to what we do best talking about good honest value for money wine :-)

Porta 6 has been one of our best-selling red wines and for good reason. You’ve tried it and you get it. So we wanted to let you know Porta 6 is just £3.99 – but you’ll need to grab this deal before we run out.

Don’t take our word for it!

James Martin from Saturday Morning Kitchen is in part to blame for how popular this wine has become. He really did let the cat out of the bag.“It is one of the nicest reds I have tasted in 10 years on the show. That is just spectacular,”said James after trying Porta 6. The rest was history (and we do mean history!).

Seriously! Majestic in the UK  sold out in 3 hours!

Porta 6 became an instant best-seller. In fact, it sold out in three hours and actually broke our website.

However, this beauty was no one hit wine wonder – it continues to be a customer favourite. But don’t just take James's word for it – 96% of your fellow Majestic customers have awarded it our ‘buy it again’ rating.

Why it’s so  good!

Porta 6 is a blend of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Castelão and hails from a wine region outside of Lisbon called Lisboa. Touriga Nacional is an unsung hero grape from Portugal that historically been used in Port wine, but more recently has been used to start producing dry red wines from the country.

The grape has fantastic ageing potential (think Cabernet Sauvignon) and is more full-bodied. The other grapes used in the blend help to round out the tannins.

The result – a fragrant and juicy red wine that is supple, approachable, not too tannic and balanced with delicious acidity. A little bit of spice and a little warmth is perfect for warming cold winter nights.

 But HURRY – it has a habit of selling out.

Festive Opening Hours 2016/2017Date published: 02/12/16

19th to 23rd December  - 8am to 7pm

24th, 25th, 26th December - Closed

27th to 30th Dec - 9am to 7pm

31st December - 9am to 5pm

1st January - Closed

Party Planners ExtraordinaireDate published: 08/11/16

Did you know that we offer a completely bespoke party planning service? 

Yes, that's right...

Free Glass Hire

Free Chiller Bin Hire

Free Tasting- to help you select

We also sell ice!

All of this can be arranged for you, all you need to do is say the word.. 

Contact us at france@majestic.co.uk and we'll pull together 6 wines for you to try for free in your local store! If you need any of the above also, we'll get it all arranged and put aside for collection at your most convenient store. 

All we hope for is a smile on your faces and an invite to the party...

Stocking fillers? Yes please!Date published: 07/11/16

Now we have a tough decision for you to make. Do you fill the stocking with two amazing bottles of wine/champagne? Do you maximise space and fill with beers, half bottles and spirits? Or do you just throw away the stocking and opt for a wine box instead?

We understand how tough this decision is, we are currently debating ourselves! However, whatever the decision, we have some great stocking fillers here.

Half bottles of Champagne, 24 beers for less than £6, selection of Belgian craft beers and even some flute glasses/waiters friends.

Tell you what, give us a call on 01923 298 297 and we'll let you know what we're filling our stockings with this Christmas, take an order or reserve some stock for you and even book your travel over to us to fill them! 

Now that is festive.

Arrive in style..Date published: 06/11/16

Christmas is coming, which means dinners, parties and presents.

Watch the mouth of everyone hit the floor as you arrive with this...

Bouvet Saphir Vintage 2013 Sammur Magnum £17.99

Elegant with a beautifully fine mousse. Notes of white fruits, peach, hazelnut, honey and jasmine. With a subtle hint of apple turnover pastry.

This is an incredible bottle and a great alternative to Champagne. As good as some well known Champagne houses but at half the price, for a magnum! We can assure you, nobody will be disappointed if you arrive with this, just disappointed when it's empty!

Treat yourself to a bottle or three, it is the season to be jolly afterall....

Trick or Treat!?Date published: 28/10/16

It's that time of year again. 

We understand how tiring pumpkin carving can get sometimes and let's face it, us adult's need some treats from time to time too! So why not treat yourself to a boot-load of wine? 

There are no unwelcome tricks here, just incredible deals and incredible wines..

Remember, we'll even pay for your travel over to us with an order over £250, have your order prepared and ready to go and we'll even load your car for you...

Now those are some welcome tricks to help you get those treats!

Introducing Pasqua PassimentoDate published: 23/10/16

Here in Calais we have a number of exciting new wines and the one we are introducing to you this week is the Pasqua Passimento. The name of this wine is derived from 'appassimento', the traditional Valpolicella method of partially drying grapes before fermentation. In one month the grapes lose around 30% of their water content, concentrating the juice and intensifying the wine's flavour.

This method results in a wine that is deeply ruby in colour with intense aromas of red cherries, cranberry and hints of vanilla and spice. On the palate you are treated to flavours of ripe cherries with hints of strawberry in the mix, accompanied by soft tannins creating a pleasant finish. 

Lets talk about new world, lets talk about RieslingDate published: 23/08/16

This week's featured wine in store, which you will find a glass of waiting for you at the tasting counter, is the Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling.

In the winemakers words this is "a pure and delicate bouquet of ripe citrus-lime and spring blossom aromas. The palate is beautifully balanced with intense flavours, lovely juicy length and a zest lime finish. Great on its own or with light fresh food". 

In our words it shows "enticing aromas of lime, apple and vibrant passion fruit, this is immensely fresh despite being off-dry."

A wine for most occasions, especially when the suns out! This wine can also be paired well with lightly spiced, aromatic Thai food or glazed ham.

One worth trying next time you're in store. À bientôt

More about the wine:

"The grapes for this wine were harvested in the cool of the morning then gently pressed. The resulting juice was allowed to naturally settle before cool fermentation with neutral yeasts to aid in savouring the delicate Riesling aromatics. The ferments were stopped at just the right time to give a slightly off-dry styled wine which was then blended and lightly fined prior to bottling." 

[Cited: http://www.villamaria.co.nz/wines/product-details/villa-maria-private-bin-marlborough-riesling] 

That mid-week red you've been looking for..Date published: 31/07/16

I think... maybe... we might have just found a bargain mid-week red! 

This week, our wine of the week is the; Santa Rita 120 Carménère and for £3.49, its fair to say this wine is punching above its weight in quality! 

Described as silky with deep tannins, it is a great example of a young carménère at its best. Bursting with black fruit, particularly bramble, it is a soft and supple red that is both easily enjoyed on its own or accompanied with most foods.

Website accessDate published: 23/05/16

Google and Firefox are announcing our website as unsafe when you try to connect. This is an issue with the Security Certificate  which we are resolving as a matter of priority.

 However,  Please be reassured that our website has not been compromised and that it is save and that as we don't actually take any card details from you when you place your order there is no danger.

Opening hours for Christmas period Date published: 16/12/15

During the Christmas period our Opening hours are

21, 22, 23 of December         8am to 7pm

24,25,26 of December           closed

27,28,29,30 of December      9am to 7pm

31st of December                     9am to 5pm

1st of January                          closed

2/01 until the 31/01                 9am to 7pm                

Thank you for your custom this year and we look forward to seeing you instore Next Year   

Roadworks on A16 from Dunkirk until 30th OctoberDate published: 19/10/15

If you are coming to see us from the direction of Dunkirk, then please be aware that there are roadworks on the A16  between j49 and j47 until 30th October, so leave plenty of time for your journey!

From 23rd to 27th October, the normal exit to us from the motorway(j47) will be closed when coming from Dunkirk, so please exit the motorway at j46 instead to reach us.

This will not affect customers visiting us directly from either the ferry or the Eurotunnel.

If you would like any further instructions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at cal@majestic.co.uk.

Bin End Best Buys!Date published: 22/09/15

Here's your chance to bag a few bin ends at beautifully low prices! As always, we're here to offer you a little direction, a little inspiration, to find you that special wine to really make your evening!

Marqués de la Concordia Crianza - £3.99

This is one classy Rioja at a ridiculous price! A medium-bodied wine, which gives bright berry fruit aromas as it rolls across your palate and with a twist of vanilla and spices that will set your senses alight.

Prosecco Pasqua - £3.99

With a Prosecco at this price, there's no need to wait for a special occasion to pop it open! Clean, fresh and fruity on the nose, bundles of peaches and pears on the palate, this is an irresistible enticement from the moment it sparkles in your glass. (I know what I'll be drinking on Friday night...)

Chablis Philippe de Méry - £6.99

This, you must know: 'tis a rare thing indeed to find a Chablis of this quality at a mere £6.99 a bottle... Crisp Granny Smith apples greet you as you begin to sip, the citrus flavours rise, before the classic stone and steel mineral streak races across your palate, leaving a lingering glow.

What is more, you can try all these (and more!) in store, while stocks last!

The Majestic Guide to CorkscrewsDate published: 23/08/15

The humble corkscrew is an essential piece of any wine-lover’s toolkit. That and really expensive glassware that smashes if you even look at it too hard.  These devices have a singular purpose – to draw the cork from a bottle of wine and free the liquid from its glass prison for our enjoyment.  It probably says a lot for wine that you need a specialist tool to get to it.

The Simple Screw

No frills here. A simple ‘T’ shape with a handle and a helix screw. You can use the sharp end of the screw to cut the foil in a pinch, though for intransigent corks you’ll need some strength to free your wine from its prison.

The Wing Screw

Probably the first image that pops to mind when you say corkscrew. Depending on how sturdy it is either a very effective tool – screw down, use the levers to pull the cork free – or a fiddly and uncomfortable device that hurts your hands when you push down the levers and is liable to snap in the face of a stiff cork. Often has a bottle-top remover as the turning key.

The Clever Screw

Simple in its genius. A small catch at the top flips when you screw, reversing the mechanism so that you keep turning the same direction to remove the cork. Elegant and effective.  Keep turning it to ‘unscrew’ the cork for disposal once removed from the bottle.

The Engineered Corkscrew

Impressive looking bits of kit that can whip a cork out in short order – a design improvement on the traditional lever screw with elements of the clever screw built into it, only bigger. Not exactly portable, but very easy and quick to use – at its best when you have many bottles to open and not a lot of time, though they tend to get jammed on synthetic corks.

The Waiter’s Friend

This little chap is, in the humble opinion of many a bartender, waiter and wine professional, the only corkscrew you’ll ever need. It has a small blade to cut the foil, a lever to help pull the cork from the bottle, and has a beer bottle opener on the reverse of the lever. All in a package so tidy you’re liable to forget its in your pocket when you go through airport security.

The Oversized Monstrosity

It works. It’s huge. Bit like using a sledgehammer when a scalpel would do, but hey! It’s fun!  Keen eye’d amongst you will notice this example is made by cycle manufacturer Campagnolo.

The Butler

Perhaps the most simple and elegant solution of all. Ask your butler to open it for you. He’ll pour it and clear away your glass when its empty too. The Fez option.

We say grab a waiter’s friend, but whichever corkscrew you choose, we suggest you avoid using them on screwcaps…

Champagne - is it really worth it?Date published: 21/08/15

I would love to be able to answer this question simply, with a yes or no answer, but as ever, it is more complicated than that.

The first question you have to ask is why does Champagne cost so much at all? Well, with your big brands, a lot of that is marketing. It's advertising. That doesn't come cheap, and the cost is passed onto us as the consumers.

But you may have heard of growers' Champagnes, which seem to give extraordinary value for money. These are small producers of Champagne, who spend little on their marketing but put a lot of work into the crafting of the Champagne.

The result is, that you can either get a very little of a good value Champagne, that may vary in taste from year to year, or you can get a lot of a consistent, big-brand Champagne that comes with a hefty price-tag.

But is the flavour even that much better than any other sparkling wine? Well, there we have a question of taste.

What's more, Champagne grapes are often used in other parts of the world. (Check out our Lindauer range, or the celebrated Reina Maria Cristina by Codorniu)

The results? Decidedly not Champagne (the terroir is different after all!) but something really very good on an awful lot of occasions.

Anyone who has spoken to me will know I am a big fan of the Bouvet Brut Saumur, which is actually a Chenin Blanc from the Loire, but it is delicious, brioche and toasty notes (classic Vintage Champagne taste!) but for the grand old price of £5.49/bottle.

But is Champagne worth it? Well, if you want Champagne, yes. There is nothing exactly like it, and with prices starting at £10.99 a bottle, there is something for all budgets (though get up to £19.99 and buy the Taittinger - that is an absolute steal).

And if you want a wine with bubbles in to liven up an evening, maybe my old friend Bouvet will do just the trick!

What do you think? Does Champagne hold the ground for your special occasions or do you think that other sparkling wines can do the business instead? Tweet us @majesticcalais and let us know!

Age, Wine, and Why You Shouldn't Get Hung Up On ItDate published: 20/08/15

There is a great misconception in the world of wine-drinking, which is wrong that I wish to right today...

Ageing wine is a mysterious process that depends on a variety of factors and as a result has spawned a number of generalised myths that hold no water and resulted in innocent people being conned into buying terrible wine that is well past its best.

What makes wine ageable?

One (or more) of three important ingredients:

- Tannins

- Sugar

- Acidity

If you have a soft, fruity, dry wine (e.g. Beaujolais) then it will do nothing but degrade over time. I did once see a fifteen year old bottle of (red) Beaujolais Nouveau - the wine had deposited a huge amount of sediment and looked completely white - incredible!

If, however you took:

Champagne (high in acidity)

Sauternes (high in sugar and acidity)

Rioja Gran Reserva (high in tannins)

Then you would change the character of the wine over time. And that is the point - there are no snob points for liking older wines! It is purely a matter of taste as to when you choose to drink a wine. Maybe you prefer your Champagne younger and zippier, maybe you prefer your Rioja really mellow. Whatever you like is fine by me.

The majority of wine available these days is fresh and young, and is best drunk in this state. So, please, I beg you, beware the old wine bargain! Think how much it must cost to store a wine for twenty years. When you find a wine from 1995, and it costs £4.99, ask yourself how that is possible. The answer is that in ninety-nine of a hundred cases it is not. The wine is tired, it's over the hill, and the winemaker has not managed to sell it in time. The result is a knock-down price for a disappointment of a wine.

So drink wine when you want to! There is no shame in young wine! Don't be tempted by an old vintage at a knockdown price! A bright and beautiful young Sauvignon Blanc with racy acidity and a cornucopia of tropical fruit is extremely desirable. Don't wait for it to lose its flair.

How to Drink More Dessert WineDate published: 19/08/15

Dessert wines are a thing of beauty, from the celebrated Sauternes or maybe the hills of Chile (where you can snatch up a bargain like our Vistamar Moscatel at only £3.99!).

But how often do you have the occasion to drink one? We hardly sit down to a full three course meal on a daily basis, and if you've already opened your bottle of red or white, it seems rather excessive to continue on to a rich, sweet wine on top of it!
Fear not! I am here to help you find the everyday occasions to crack open these delicious little bottles!

1) Get "dessert" out of your head

The first stage in this process, is to forget that these are called dessert wines! Be brave, step outside the box, and open one as an aperitif when you have friends over. Serve the usual crisps and nuts with it and you will find it a surprisingly pleasing combination. The saltiness of the food with the sweetness of the wine provides one of the easiest and most interesting combinations the gastronomic world has to offer.

2) Blue cheese is your best friend

Blue cheese (think Roquefort, Stilton, even St Agur if you must!) is another salty seadog that makes a fine companion for a sweet wine. But get a little creative - don't just serve with the cheese board when you have guests over, make a creamy blue cheese sauce for your pasta and enjoy it any night of the week! Simple pleasures.

3) Charcuterie - a match made in Heaven

I have a deep weakness for good charcuterie, and after a recent trial, I can tell you it makes a remarkably good match for a dessert wine. You simply have to try it. What can I say? Opposites attract!

4) Curries!

No, come back, come back! You have to hear this! Curries are notoriously difficult when you are trying to find a wine to pair with them. They have so much flavour and easily overwhelm and distort the tastes of many a dry wine. But I promise you, take a bottle of sweet wine out the fridge, and the sweetness will shine through the chilli (actually giving the impression of reducing the heat) and both the curry and the wine will be transformed.

5) Sweets for my sweet

There's no avoiding it though, take a sweet wine, take a good pudding, and there are few more luxurious joys in this world. Everything in moderation though...

Tried any of the above? Got some more ideas? Tweet us @majesticcalais with your thoughts!

ABC – Anything But Chardonnay! (And Why You're Just Plain Wrong if You Think This)Date published: 18/08/15

Oh, the poor lamented Chardonnay... It seemed like nothing could beat her a mere two decades ago, but now she is cast off, denigrated, exiled from the glasses of the nation...

A swathe of just and unjust criticism has been levelled at this exceptional grape, so, I am on a mission to reinvigorate your passion for this much maligned grape!

If you try a glass and decide it's not for you, do not dismiss Chardonnay so readily! It is such a flexible grape, it can grow in so many different climates and can produce such different results, that you might well mistake it for a number of different varieties.

1) The Chablis Chardonnay
Steely-clean and with that fantastic minerality, this has more in common with Pouilly-Fumé than your traditional Ozzy Chardonnay. If you really think you don't like Chardonnay, you are simply obliged to try this!
Try: Chablis Servin £8.99

2) New World Chardonnay
Full of fruit and flavour, these Chardonnays tend to be much more tropical fruit-oriented - think: pineapple and papaya... Yummy!
Try: Geyser Peak Chardonnay £4.49

3) Burgundy
Somewhere in between the two styles listed above, there are warmer Old World wines, with more body than a Chablis, greater roundness, but more restraint and elegance than its New World counterparts.
Try: Macon-Lugny Louis Latour £7.99

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio vs the WORLD!!!Date published: 15/08/15

OK. I might have got a little carried away in the title there... So, moving on, I am delighted to take the opportunity to talk to you about one very important little grape with two well-known little names...

You would have to have been living in a cave for the past twenty years not to have heard of Pinot Grigio. This is our easy-drinking, light and fresh friend from Northern Italy. Nothing too complicated, chill it down, for a cool glass of citrus fruits and white peach wonder. Probably ringing a few bells?

Well, that's not all it can do! Pinot Gris is simply the French for Pinot Grigio. They both mean "Grey Pinot" (which is also the reason you should never translate it into English: Dull Pinot, Boring Pinot, Pinot with no redeeming features!). It is in fact still grey when you find it in Germany under the alias of Grauburgunder.

"But what is the difference!" I hear you clamour!

Pinot Gris tends towards higher intensity of flavour, greater depth, often (but by no means always) accompanied by a degree of sweetness. Whenever I drink a wine made from Pinot Gris, I am overwhelmed by its softness, its melony roundness and (hopefully) its balance between sweetness and acidity.

"Where can I try this?" Good question.

And now to really throw a spanner in the works. If you want to try all these wonderful flavours, you have to try The Ned Pinot Grigio (£5.49 until end Aug). I know, I know, it says Pinot Grigio. And it is! But this is honestly the Pinot Gris-iest Pinot Grigio I have come across. And it's gorgeous. So go on and try it!

Filming in Ambleteuse! Hollywood comes to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais!Date published: 14/08/15

The filmmaker Bruno Dumont started filming his next film "Ma loute" (My Darling) in Ambleteuse last Saturday. It is a film on the subject of indigenous cannibals....

....but this is not deterring our brave Virgine, who will be in Ambleteuse on Monday playing the part of a villager!

Watch this space, we've demanded photos!

Puglia - the last word in PrimitivoDate published: 08/08/15

My love of Italian wine is pretty well-known around here, so it was no surprise that I spent my summer holidays in the lovely region of Puglia, on the heel of southern Italy. The best known grape of this region is Primitivo (also known in the US as Zinfandel).

Primitivo can be crafted in different ways to achieve quite different results, and once a drop of it touches your palate, you will be just as much in love with it as I am.

I am delighted to say that we have two quite distinct Primitivos in our range here in France, both of which should be in your next basket!

Surani Costarossa Primitivo - £4.99

This is the deep, dark soul of Primitivo.... Practically black in your glass, with an intensity of flavour to die for. Think of a punnet of forest fruits, blackberries, brambles and blackcurrants, then crushing them into your glass! Perfect if you love a big, bad red wine but would rather they hold the oak!

Natale Verga Primitivo - £3.49

Edging towards medium-bodied, this Primitivo has your classic Italian finesse. Red cherries and raspberries make a firm showing, while a note of cocoa plays in the background then structures the finish without bitterness. If the summer sun gets a bit much, you can bring this down to 14-16 degrees and it will be the panacea for all your ills...

Bomb Disposal near Majestic Calais Sunday 7th June 2015Date published: 03/06/15

Collecting from our Calais superstore on Sunday 07/06/15?

Unfortunately there has been a discovery of two large unexploded  WW2 bombs in the vicinity of the circular road near to the port of Calais.

Inconveniently,  the bomb disposal unit has decided on this Sunday to deal with these devices and therefore the ring road will be closed from 6am to 4pm on Sunday. In order to collect your order without too much disruption please find below directions from both the port and from the Eurotunnel to get to our store without using the ring road.

From the port

From the Eurotunnel

If you are travelling from anywhere else let us know and we will endeavour to provide you with directions. If you would like your order moved to Coquelles, please just let us know as far in advance as possible.

Happy EasterDate published: 02/04/15

Don't forget, we are open all weekend, 9am to 7pm.

Red Wine of the Week: Peter Lehmann BVSDate published: 29/03/15

Peter Lehmann BVS Shiraz - £5.99 *special offer*

What do you think when I say Ozzie Shiraz? Big, bold and bountiful, this is the archetype of it! So rich, so velvety, so deep you couldn't see your hand on the other side of the glass. Dark berry fruit, touches of cassis, a distinct jamminess from the sheer concentration of it... For lovers of full-bodied wines, look no further!

White Wine of the Week: Peter Lehmann EVCDate published: 29/03/15

Peter Lehmann EVC Chardonnay - £5.99 *special offer*

If you like Sauvignon Blanc, then you would be a fool not to try this Chardonnay! I know how that sounds, but a more lemony, zesty Chardonnay would be hard to come by! The racy acidity and lively citrus notes give this wine real depth of flavour. Go ahead, give it a go!

Red Wine of the Week: Porta 6Date published: 22/03/15

Red Wine of the Week: Porta 6 Lisboa - £3.99

To think of Portugal is to think of Port... Those massive fortified wines, made with such grapes as Castelão, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional... Well, take the “fortified” bit out and imagine the resultant smoothness, and you have this wine! Rich and ripe, full of wild brambles and home-made jam, here is a substantial wine that will stand up for itself and stand out on your palate! Make sure to pair it with a meaty accompaniment!

White Wine of the Week: Quinta De AzevedoDate published: 22/03/15

White Wine of the Week: Quinta de Azevedo, Vinho Verde £3.49

Vinho Verde (contrary to popular belief) can be rosé or red, not just white! This, however, is a classic of the style: a young white wine with a spritz. The varietal used is Loureiro, one of the preferred grapes for this style, which has its origins in this region. “Loureiro” means “laurel”, and wines made from it are said to taste of laurel flowers... Never having tasted a laurel flower, I couldn't say whether this is the case or not, but we've certainly got notes of white flowers floating across the well-measured acidity of the appley-peachy base. Thoroughly enjoyable – give it a go!

Quote of the day Date published: 15/03/15

Such a wise man...

White Wine of the Week: Surani FianoDate published: 15/03/15

White Wine of the Week: Pietrariccia Fiano 2014 Surani - £4.49

Have you tasted this yet? Get to the tasting counter and try it immediately! Forget your Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Grigios, your Chardonnays and your Viogniers, there's a new boss in town, and its name is Fiano! Round, ripe melon with peaches and apricots, a superbly judged acidity (juicy but soft) makes this a stand out favourite for us!

Red Wine of the Week: Natale Verga PrimitivoDate published: 15/03/15

Red Wine of the Week: Primitivo 2013 Natale Verga - £3.99

From the sunny south of Italy, where the (oftentimes overwhelming) heat elevates the sugars in the grape and creates this wine... Bursting with fruit, complemented by a touch of cocoa and drawn together by silky tannins, this is an absolute steal from an all-too-frequently overlooked region.

On tasting this weekendDate published: 12/03/15

We have loads of new wines in stock and here is  a sample of what we have available for you to taste this weekend, CSoldepenas red or white £1.49 a bottle, the fabulous Quinta Azevedo Vinho Verde @ £3.49, Soave Fattori @ £3.99, Surani Fiano £4.49 and many many more so make the most of the sunny weather (its glorious over here) so pop over to see us and don't forget our £25 return Eurotunnel Deal is still running !!.

White Wine of the Week: Louis Jadot Date published: 01/03/15

White Wine of the Week: Louis Jadot Mâcon Villages 'Les Roches Blanches' - £5.99

Classic Burgundy from the celebrated Maison Louis Jadot. Jadot produces only AOC wines, that is, wines that have met certain stringent quality demands. Here we have the ideal easy-drinking Burgundy: fresh and pure with crisp green apple, lemon citrus and ripe pear notes with a racy mineral streak as a real mark of interest.

Red Wine of the Week: Berberana ReservaDate published: 01/03/15

Red Wine of the Week: Berberana Reserva - £4.49

A Majestic staple by now, Berberana Reserva is matured in oak barrels for 24 months and is only released when it is ready to drink. Excellent value for money, you have whirls of strawberry and morello cherry highlighted by the vanilla of the oak with a long and satisfying finish.

40 tickets remaining in our Eurotunnel trial deal!Date published: 23/02/15

There are only 40 tickets remaining in our trial Eurotunnel deal!

This deal allows you to cross for £25 with the Eurotunnel for a daytrip or overnight stay.

All you have to do to qualify is place a pre-order for £150, and we will contact you to make your booking!

Red Wine of the Week: Paul Mas Syrah-Viognier “Nicole Vineyard”Date published: 21/02/15

Red Wine of the Week: Paul Mas Syrah-Viognier “Nicole Vineyard” - £4.49 *special offer*

“But Viognier is a white grape!” I hear you cry! Well, yes, you would be right, but this is a traditional blend found in Côte-Rôtie, the Rhône appellation. This wine comes instead from the Pays d'Oc in south west France, and as a result, has great intensity of dark berry flavours with a certain perfumed character from the Viognier that lends this wine a real elegance.

White Wine of the Week: Medalla Real ChardonnayDate published: 21/02/15

White Wine of the Week: Medalla Real Chardonnay - £5.99

For fans of rich, toasty Chardonnay, you need look no further! The grapes for this wine are predominantly sourced from Chile's Limarí Valley. It is barrel-fermented and undergoes a process known as “lees stirring”, where the yeast cells that ferment the wine are agitated regularly. This is what gives this wine its excellent depth and, indeed, all of the brioche and toasted bread characteristics that one would expect from a vintage Champagne!

Red Wine of the Week: Chateau Clos FontaineDate published: 15/02/15


Chateau Clos Fontaine - £4.99

This wine is produced by the brother of the winemaker at Le Pin in Pomerol, famous for being one of the most expensive wines in the world! Winemaking talent clearly runs in the family, as this excellent Cotes de Francs shows.

Rich and round thanks to the Merlot grape variety, it also has notes of exotic spices from the oak barrels, which really bring this wine to life. You would adore this on your table at Sunday lunch with your beef roast or leg of lamb!

Find me here: http://www.majesticwinecalais.co.uk/Chateau-Clos-Fontaine-zidF-11344?tracking=|searchterm:fontaine

White Wine of the Week: Jean Sablenay MuscadetDate published: 15/02/15


Muscadet Jean Sablenay - £2.99

Muscadet is made from a grape variety called Melon de Bourgogne, first introduced to the area in the 17th century. It gained widespread use after the terrible freeze of 1709 decimated the vine population of the region.

Here we have a fantastic example of this grape – fresh citrus fruit with bright lime flavours in the crisp Sauvignon Blanc vein – the ideal aperitif or accompaniment to seafood. If you haven't tried Muscadet yet, you are in for a very pleasant treat!

Find me here: http://www.majesticwinecalais.co.uk/Muscadet-Jean-Sablenay-zidF-16086?tracking=|searchterm:muscadet

Italia, il mio amore!Date published: 15/02/15

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm rather a fan of Italy. It's everything about it - from Rome, the eternal city, to the vineyards that cover the countryside from north to south.

So just imagine how excited I am that we are getting a great new selection of Italian wines! I've been tasting my way through them, and they are each individually excellent, but for me, there is a hands down winner...

Pietrariccia Fiano 2013 Surani - £4.49

You may be excused for not having heard of Fiano. It is a grape found almost only in Southern Italy, though it is alleged to have Ancient Greek origins, and to be the grape behind the Roman wine Apianum, from Avellino. Apianum, incidentally, is permitted to appear as a name on bottles of Fiano d'Avellino DOCG, and is a name stemming from the Latin for "bee", apis. This may have something to do with the fact that bees particularly love the fragrant sugary pulp of Fiano grapes and are a common sight in the vineyards of Avellino.

But back to our very own Fiano! Masseria Surani is an estate dating back to the early 1900's, and is located just 6km from the Ionian coast in Puglia, the hot and sunny heel of Italy. It is a simply delicious wine - bright citrus and peach notes are held together with a backdrop of Gallia melon roundness along with a waft of white flowers.  If Sauvignon Blanc gives you heartburn, but you love its cleanness of flavour, or if you just love fragrant grapes like Viognier or Albariño but fancy a change, then you must try this Italian beauty!

Our Range Under £2 a Bottle!Date published: 15/02/15

We all want to get our money's worth when we're choosing our wines - so good news! We have specially selected some new wines to add to our under £2 range. 

Take a look at this collection (some new faces, some old favourites) - carefully chosen to give you value for money without compromising on quality.

Soldepeñas (White & Red) - £1.49!!!

El Torito (White & Red) - £1.99

Brichetto (Sangiovese & Trebbiano) - £1.99

Cuvée Genevieve Red - £1.99

You Need Natale Verga in Your LifeDate published: 18/01/15

I will freely admit that I may be being a little dramatic, but I have to say, I adore Italy, I am passionate about Italian wines, and if you haven't tried a wine from Natale Verga yet, then something is definitely missing in your life.

Fortunately, we now stock both a red and a white from this century-old producer in Majestic Wine Calais! They each represent fantastic value for money while having a fine independent streak, a pleasing complexity, a little je ne sais quoi... (Or should that be "non so che"?)

Natale Verga Primitivo - £3.99

This has been a staff favourite since it arrived late last year! From the marvellous land of Puglia, right on the heel of Italy's boot, you can taste the hot southern sun in this ripe fruit-driven red. But what really makes it special, and separates it from its Zinfandel cousins in California, is the sheer finesse with which it fills your mouth. Velvety smooth, medium-bodied, with a sprinkling of cocoa powder! An exceptional example of an increasingly popular variety.

Natale Verga Pinot Grigio - £2.99 NEW IN!!!

At just about the opposite end of Italy, in the northern province of Pavia, we have this little wonder! Classic Pinot Grigio pear drops and Granny Smith crisp apple are complemented by simply gorgeous notes of orange blossom. If an English country garden on a sunny spring day were a wine, this is what it would taste like.

New Majestic Favourites!Date published: 18/01/15

If you've run into the new Silver Ghost wines in Majestic UK, I have some very good news for you!

Not only are these excellent Chilean gems now available here in France, but also... THEY ARE ONLY £2.49!!!!!

Silver Ghost Sauvignon Blanc

Move over, Marlborough! This citrus and gooseberry dream really delivers full fruit flavours with a bit of a punch! No watery Chilean Sauvignon, this...

Silver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon

Not to be outdone by its white grape cousin, this Cabernet is fantastically smooth and rich, with beautiful berries backed up with a pinch of spice!

Chile, as ever, showing its astonishing value for money. Did I mention? £2.49/bottle!!!!

Christmas and New Year Opening days/timesDate published: 05/12/14

The opening hours for the Calais store for over the festive period will be as follows.

Christmas Eve - Closed

Christmas Day - Closed

Boxing Day - Closed

Saturday 27/12 to Tuesday 30 Dec 9am to 7pm

New Year's Eve 9am to 5pm

New Years Day - Closed

02 January to the 02 February 2015 9am to 7pm

Something to get excited about!Date published: 18/10/14

We do feel pleased with ourselves about this one, Truffier Malbec is inky and deep and pleasing, I know whats going to be on my Sunday lunch table this weekend!!


La Semaine du Gout - VendrediDate published: 17/10/14

One way to match your wine to your food is by choosing your regions well, picking a classic Muscadet sur lie to go with a seafood dish is one of those matches that are perfection, and our Domaine de la Tourmaline @ £4.49 is a brilliant example of this. The wine's dryness and its slight prickle on the tongue cut through the richness of the mussels and the sauce , definitely worth a try.

Moules marinière with cream, garlicand parsley

Ingredients1.75kg/4lb mussels1 garlic clove, finely chopped2 shallots, finely chopped15g/½oz buttera bouquet garni of parsley, thyme and bay leaves100ml/3½fl oz dry white wine or cider120ml/4fl oz double creamhandful of parsley leaves, coarsley choppedcrusty bread, to serve

Preparation method1. Wash the mussels under plenty of cold, running water. Discard anyopen ones that won't close when lightly squeezed.2. Pull out the tough, fibrous beards protruding from between the tightlyclosed shells and then knock off any barnacles with a large knife.Give the mussels another quick rinse to remove any little pieces ofshell.3. Soften the garlic and shallots in the butter with the bouquet garni, ina large pan big enough to take all the mussels - it should only be halffull.4. Add the mussels and wine or cider, turn up the heat, then cover andsteam them open in their own juices for 3-4 minutes. Give the pan agood shake every now and then.5. Remove the bouquet garni, add the cream and chopped parsley andremove from the heat.6. Spoon into four large warmed bowls and serve with lots of crustybread.less than 30 minspreparation time10 to 30 minscooking timeServes 4By Rick SteinFrom Rick Stein's Food HeroesCook yourself arestaurant-style dish in sixsimple steps – a splash of drywhite wine, cider or even beergives this dish an extra kick.Powered by

La Semaine du Gout -JeudiDate published: 16/10/14

Its pouring rain out , how about an easy peasy stew courtesy of Nigel Slater? Now this requires something light and easy drinking.

Errazuriz Pinot Noir @ £5.99 is a steal!.

Almond lentil stew


2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for frying the almonds1 carrot, chopped1 stalk celery, chopped1 onion, chopped1 turnip, chopped2 garlic cloves, chopped150g/5½oz baby button mushrooms, halved250g/9oz green lentils1.2 litres/2 pints vegetable stock1 bay leaf1 sprig rosemary4 sprigs thymehandful almonds1 tbsp ground cinnamon10 cherry tomatoes, quartered

Preparation method1. Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the carrot, celery, onion andturnip until softened – about five minutes.2. Add the garlic and mushrooms. Fry for a further five minutes.3. Add the lentils to the pan. Pour over the stock and add the herbs.Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.4. Just before the end of the cooking time for the stew, in another pan,fry the almonds in a splash of olive oil with the cinnamon for twominutes.5. Add the cherry tomatoes and warm through.6. Serve the lentil stew with the almonds and tomatoes.

La semaine du Gout- MercrediDate published: 16/10/14

Wednesday is traditionally childrens day in France as they never used to go to school so here is  a kiddies favourite that the Grown ups can pair with our Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flor that is a delight @ only £4.49

Kids’ any-fruit cobbler

Ingredients600g/1lb 5oz fresh, tinned (drained weight) or frozen fruit, such asapples, pears, ripe peaches or plums (peeled and cores removed) orberries such as blackberries, raspberries, cherries or blueberries, or amixture1 small orange, juice only2 tbsp soft brown sugarFor the cobbler topping175g/6oz self-raising flour (white or wholemeal)100g/3½oz unsalted butter, softened25g/1oz porridge oats50g/1¾oz soft brown sugar½ tsp ground cinnamon or mixed spice4 tbsp yoghurt (natural or flavoured)Preparation method1. Adults job: preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.2. 

Kid’s job: Chop the fruit into chunks. Don’t worry about the sizebeing perfect, it is good to have a variety of chunks! (An adult shouldsupervise this.)

3. Kid’s job: Place the fruit into an ovenproof dish and pour over theorange juice and the brown sugar.

4. Kid’s job: Place the flour into a mixing bowl and chop the butter intosmall lumps. They can then rub in the butter roughly using theirfingertips. This doesn’t have to be perfect, a few lumps are fine.5. 

Kid’s job: Stir in the oats, sugar and spices to the cobbler mix andstir it through with a spoon or your hands.

6. Kid’s job: Add the yoghurt one spoonful at a time. You may need tomix with your hands to form a rough dough.

7. Kid’s job: Form the cobbler mix into small balls, about the size of aping pong ball and arrange them over the top of the fruit.

8. Adult’s job: Place in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until the cobbleris golden-brown on top with the fruit bubbling up around the edges.Leave to cool before serving as the fruit filling will be very hot. Servewarm with ice cream, yoghurt or custard.less than 30 minspreparation time30 mins to 1 hourcooking timeServes 4

By Jo Ingleby

La Semaine du Gout - MardiDate published: 16/10/14

A perfect recipe for our Peter lehman Cabernet Sauvignon @ only £6.49 a bottle!!!

Pan-fried sirloin steak with shallots, celeriac purée, wild mushrooms and madeira cream sauce

Add "Pan-fried sirloin steak with shallots, celeriac purée, wild mushrooms and madeira cream sauce" to FavouritesAdd to FavouritesIngredientsFor the celeriac purée

25g/1oz unsalted butter, plus a little extra

½ onion, chopped

1 stick celery, chopped

pinch salt

250ml/9fl oz milk

few drops concentrated chicken bouillon

250ml/9fl oz water

300g/11oz celeriac, peeled and chopped

pinch ground white pepper

For the madeira cream sauce

50g/2oz butter, plus a little extra

3 shallots, 2 sliced, 1 finely chopped

pinch salt

50g/2oz button mushrooms, sliced

2 sprigs fresh thyme

110ml/4fl oz madeira

150ml/6fl oz hot chicken stock

150ml/6fl oz double cream

salt and freshly ground black pepper

125g/5oz mixed wild mushrooms

For the roasted shallots

25g/1oz butter

20 shallots, peeled and blanched

salt and freshly ground black pepper

2 tbsp sherry vinegar

For the steak

4 x 200-250g/7-9oz sirloin steaks

salt and freshly ground black pepper

25g/1oz unsalted butter, plus a little extra

1 tbsp vegetable oil

For the spinach

knob of butter

200g/7oz baby spinach leaves

salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preparation method

For the celeriac purée, heat a saucepan and add the butter, onions, celery and salt. Fry gently for 2-3 minutes.

Add the milk, chicken bouillon and water, then the celeriac and white pepper. Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Press the mixture through a colander into a bowl and beat well until smooth. Transfer to a blender and blend to a very fine purée.

Return the purée to the pan, add a little butter and taste to check the seasoning. Set aside and keep warm.

For the madeira cream sauce, heat a frying pan, add 25g/1oz of the butter, the two sliced shallots and a pinch of salt and cook over a low heat until the shallots are transparent.

Add the button mushrooms and continue cooking until they are slippery in texture, then add the thyme.

Add the madeira and simmer until reduced by half.

Add the chicken stock and reduce by half again, then add the cream and reduce this by half.

Stir in the remaining butter, then pass the mixture through a fine sieve into a clean pan and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Set aside and keep warm.

For the roasted shallots, heat the butter in a heavy-based pan. Add the blanched shallots and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fry gently until the shallots are softened and coloured.

Increase the heat slightly, add the sherry vinegar to the pan and stir with a wooden spoon, scraping up the bits from the bottom of the pan. Set aside.

For the steaks, season the steaks on both sides with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Heat a frying pan until very hot. Add the butter, vegetable oil and steaks and cook for 2-4 minutes on each side, depending on how you like your steaks cooked. Remove the steaks from the pan and leave to rest on a tray for a few minutes.

Pour off the excess fat from the pan the steaks were cooked in. Add a splash of water to the pan and pour in the madeira cream sauce. Bring to the boil and reduce to a sauce consistency, then set aside.

In a separate frying pan, heat a knob of butter and gently fry the finely chopped shallot until softened but not coloured. Add the wild mushrooms and fry gently until softened. Add the wild mushroom mixture to the madeira cream sauce.

Technique: Knife skills: how to finely chopWatch technique1:23 mins

In the same pan as the shallots and mushrooms were cooked in, heat a little butter and gently cook the spinach until wilted. Season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

To serve, divide the spinach among four serving plates. 

Credits to Michael Caines on www.bbc.co.uk/food for this one


Leaner = Lighter – As a general rule, the leaner the red meat you are matching, the lighter the red wine you can use. A rich cut, such as prime rib, will pair nicely with a bold and high tannin red wine such as Petite Sirah or Cabernet Sauvignon.

La Semaine du Gout- LundiDate published: 13/10/14

Seared scallops in a Butter and herb sauce

Server 4

Sear 12 Scallops in a skillet pan and top with the delicious sauce below.

In a saucepan bring to the boil 1/3 of a cup of white wine, 1tbs of chopped shallots and 1 tbs of white wine vinegar and reduce until there is only 1-2 tablespoons left. Whilst this is reducing prepare 3 tablespoons of cold cubed butter and then add cube by cube whisking in between cubes to incorporate. once you have incorporated all the butter stir in 1 tbs of parsley, 1 tbs of chives and a tsp of thyme , season and serve.

This would go perfectly with a mid-weight white wine such as our Giesen Sauvignon Blanc @ £5.49 where the bright acidity plays off the tangy butter sauce .


La Semaine du GoutDate published: 12/10/14

A French tradition 'La Semaine du Gout' is 25 years old this year, it is an opportunity to open horizons and taste something new , seasonal and different. This week we are going to bring you a recipe and a wine match to go with it everyday. 

RDV Demain for the first instalment!


Did You Know??Date published: 12/10/14

There are some 20 million acres of grapes planted across the world; grapes are ranked as the worlds number 1 fruit crop thanks to this number. 

There are some 10000 varieties of wine grapes which are grown across the world. It takes some 4 years before a newly planted grape vine will be ready to be harvested and the grapes made into wine. 

There are approximately 75 grapes in a cluster

1 grape cluster will make approximately 1 glass of wine

It will take 4 clusters of grapes to make 1 bottle of wine

Growers can expect some 40 clusters from every vine

1 vine can produce enough grapes for up to 10 bottles of wine

It takes about 1200 clusters of grapes to fill 1 barrel with wine

1 barrel is equal to 60 gallons

60 gallons can fill around 25 cases

1 acre of planted vines can produce 5 tons of grapes

5 tons of grapes is enough to fill 332 cases of wine

Standard wine bottle holds 0.75 litre (750ml) = the equivalent of 1 standard wine bottle
- Magnum wine bottle holds 1.5 litres (1500ml) = the equivalent of 2 standard wine bottles
- Jeroboam wine bottle holds 3 litres (3000ml) = the equivalent of 4 standard wine bottles
- Rehoboam wine bottle holds 4.5 litres (4500ml) = the equivalent of 6 standard wine bottles
- Methuselah wine bottle holds 6 litres (6000ml) = the equivalent of 8 standard wine bottles
- Salmanazar wine bottle holds 9 litres (9000ml) = the equivalent of 12 standard wine bottles
- Balthazar wine bottle holds 12 litres (12000ml) = the equivalent of 16 standard wine bottles
- Nebuchadnezzar wine bottle holds 15 litres (15000ml) = the equivalent of 20 standard wine bottles 

The ideal temperature for serving wine depends on the wine; white wines should be served chilled, a few hours in the refrigerator will suffice. Red wines should be served at just slightly cooler than room temperature, younger fruity reds will be a bit better if a little bit cooler. Sparkling Wines should be thoroughly chilled best to leave them in the refrigerator overnight before serving, and finally dessert Wines should be served at room temperature. Chilling tones down the sweetness of wine, if a red wine becomes too warm, it may lose some of its fruity flavor.

We Currently have just under 250 different wines in stock

 Browse here


Special Cuvee at a Special PriceDate published: 12/10/14

One of our old favourites is Bolli, however over the years this has creeped up into a price bracket few can reach to BUT, this year we have managed to strike a nice deal with the people at Bollinger and have it available for under £30 a bottle. I do believe that this is going to fly off the shelves as gifts and treats.


We've got something to shout about!!Date published: 09/10/14

Our Winter ((Christmas) -shhh its too early for the C word  ) list is online, all that you want and need to plan your perfect "C" ahem - Winter, take a look online.

We're going to take a few days to digest it ourselves and get back to you with our opinions of the best deals and the things not to miss out on!!


Time is Running out!!Date published: 06/10/14

As our Autumn List draws to a close  on Monday the 13th of October this is your last chance to avail of our fab 12 Bottles of Prosecco Zonin @ £2.99 each! Plan a trip for this weekend to get yours at a whopping £5 less than in a UK Majestic - Bring a friend and they can have 12 too!

Amazing!!Date published: 05/08/14

As of this morning we officially have 88 products online that are at least £3 cheaper than our UK counterparts, that's 88 more reasons to shop with us.

Here are just a few

Ch Meaume Bordeaux Superior £6.99

Piedtanque Red Rose or White £2.49

Robertson's Winery Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc £2.99

Oxford Landing Estates Cabernet Shiraz- Shiraz or Chardonnay £2.99

Aix Magnums £15.99 in France £19.99 in Majestic UK


 Believe it or not......

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose @ £16 in France and £30 in the UK that's an impressive £14 per bottle saving!!!!!!!!!!

Something Borrowed Something Blue!!Date published: 04/08/14

The success of our fab offer on Oyster Bay means that we have decided to extend it so instead of today being the cut off date we are now running the offer until the 1st of September!!  Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc @ £5.99 a bottle!!!!!!


NewDate published: 01/08/14

I've just popped this on to our Tasting Counter -  brand spanking new product,  all the characteristics of a darn good Gavi at a bargain price!

Gavi Araldica - Only £3.99 a bottle

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

Holidays oh holidays....Date published: 31/07/14

They are here at last and the sun is shining in Calais to welcome you to France. 

Before setting off on your long drive down south (or east or west) don't forget to pop in and stock up on those essential items for your holiday  - Brilliant Bubbles,  Refreshing Rose .......

 Here are my suggestions

AIX Rose Magnum - £15.99 there's nothing more special than a Magnum to share with friends!!

L'extra de Langlois, Cremant de Loire £5.99 a bottle, an absolute steal, a real quality wine made by Bollinger in the Loire Valley!!

WE ARE FAMOUS! -Majestic Wine Calais for a right royal shopping deal in France Date published: 23/07/14

Hello Ladies and Gents, 

So we have had an article written about us in this fabulous blog by the lovely people at The Good Life France. Visit them at www.thegoodlifefrance.com. 

They agree with us that there are loads of great reasons to visit the Nord- Pas de Calais and it is a really great way to check out what is going on. I certainly use them for inspiration on my days off! 

To check us out visit http://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/majestic-wine-calais-right-royal-shopping-deal-france/

- where you will even see a picture of a few of us (I'm the one who looks like I'm doing a weird jig- photos weren't in the job description) 

As always you fine folks can contact me in store to chat, place a pre-order for our incredible £10 off every £150 spent and arrange other goodies such as glass loan from our UK Majestic Stores to go with your purchase. 

I'm on 01923 298 297, email me at france@majestic.co.uk, tweet @majesticcalais and/or facebook us. If necessary I will also receive smoke signals and pigeons. 

Talk to you soon! 



Bank HolidayDate published: 11/07/14

Just so that you know, August the 15th is a Bank Holiday in France but not to worry its business as usual here in Majestic Wine Calais.

Saturday KitchenDate published: 02/06/14

Hello all, Just in case you missed it one of our fabulous wines was featured on Saturday Kitchen last weekend. Suzy Atkins recommended our brilliant Vinalba Reservado Chardonnay to go with an yummy Chicken dish by Bruno Loubet. Now I don't like to blow my own trumpet but this is a only a nifty £7.99 a bottle here in France ! what better reason to pop over to stock up.

Escale à Calais - Shipping and old time river navigation festival. Date published: 30/05/14

Hello Everyone, 

So I have a new idea for you to try, whilst you're in Calais getting your wine, bread and cheeses why not stop off and have a look at this.

I think it looks particularly great (even as someone who gets sea sick!) Plus I'm always a sucker for a fun and educational day out- I call it Antonia's Geek Time. 

From 6 to 9 June, enjoy yourself in Calais with “Escale à Calais”, a maritime event where you can see and get on board of inland and sea ships as well as sailboats.

Calais is at the centre of the  Channel shipping lane, smallest crossing to UK, and an historic by-pass from the sea to the European waterland network.

With “Escale a Calais”, discover a new maritime world where salt water meet fresh water: vessels, traditional ships, fairs, shops, exhibitions, concerts with maritime song, parades, traditional sailing rigs; a completely interactive event for the whole family.

This year, “Escale à Calais” has a local and cross border flavor. The Continental System or Continental Blockade (known in French as Blocus continental) was the foreign policy of Napoleon I of France in his struggle against Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars. As a response to the naval blockade of the French coasts enacted by the British government.

This embargo ended on April 11, 1814 after Napoleon's first abdication. We will commerate the bicentenary of Reopening of foreign trade with UK. Remind this period thanks to a special exhibition.

Old sailboat and ship, steamboats and traditional ships will be wharfing.

Biggest ships, peniches, dundees, flat-boats, steamboats...are waiting for you. Go to the dock Carnot in the port area

A lot of ships and boats are free access. Make your dream come true by becoming, for 3 hours, a cruise passenger of one of our historic sail boats. Craft village and fair is standing near by on port facility: naval and sail ship modeling workshop, knot tyers, ship carpentry showcase, smoked fish...

Sea shanties, fish and seafood catering will be provided on wharf.

Open-access for craft villages, exhibitions and concerts

Time table for the event is as follows - 


June, 6th

Gathering of traditional boats, visits of some boats...

Craft villages on wharf: workshops, quai des artistes, books over wharfExhibitions: “The cross-Channel Transport’s history”, “boatbuilding tradition”, “Tom Souville, Corsair of Calais”Craft villages on wharf: naval and sail ship modeling workshop, knot tyers, ship carpentry, fish smokehouses...

Musical parade on waterways in between Coulogne and Calais, final in the Battelrie basinJune, 7thGathering of traditional boats, visits of some boats...

Craft villages on wharf: workshops, quai des artistes, books over wharfExhibitions: “The cross-Channel Transport’s history”, “boatbuilding tradition”, “Tom Souville, Corsair of Calais”Craft villages on wharf: naval and sail ship modeling workshop, knot tyers, ship carpentry, fish smokehouses...

Cruises on traditional sailing boatsSea shanties, horse-drawn wagons,Rowing showcase in the basinNautical parade in the Carnot basin10 p.m(local time – fireworks in The Carnot basin

June, 8th

Gathering of traditional boats, visits of some boats...

Craft villages on wharf: workshops, quay des artistes, books over wharfExhibitions: “The cross-Channel Transport’s history”, “boatbuilding tradition”, “Tom Souville, Corsair of Calais”Craft villages on wharf: naval and sail ship modeling workshop, knot tyers, ship carpentry, fish smokehouses...

Cruises on traditional sailing boatsSea shanties, horse-drawn wagons,Rowing showcase in the basinNautical parade in the Carnot basin10 p.m. (local time – fireworks in The Carnot basin

June, 9th

Gathering of traditional boats, visits of some boats...

Craft villages on wharf: workshops, quai des artistes, books over wharfExhibitions: “The cross-Channel Transport’s history”, “boatbuilding tradition”, “Tom Souville, Corsair of Calais”Craft villages on wharf: naval and sail ship modeling workshop, knot tyers, ship carpentry, fish smokehouses...

Cruises on traditional sailing boatsSea shanties, horse-drawn wagons,Rowing showcase in the basinNautical parade in the Carnot basin10 p.m. (local time – fireworks in The Carnot basin

If you would like a full copy of the English Language version of the program (it's well worth having!) or equally would like a French copy then tap me up at france@majestic.couk

Ciao for now! 


Vega de la Reina Verdejo, Rueda Date published: 19/05/14

Vega de la Reina Verdejo 2013 Marques de la Concordia, Rueda

So here in Calais we have a new favourite. Everyone loves it! A brand new product always gets us excited, but this one is really spectacular. I personally will be relaxing in front of the beach tonight in the 29 degrees of glorious sunshine we have at the moment with this little number. 




Rueda is a small region within Castilla y León, famed for this delicate style of white wine. Verdejo is the predominant white variety here, and is an aromatic grape, often thought of as Spain's alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.


Lively aromas of greenery and citrus fruits in the Sauvignon vein, accompanied by softer, melon and petal touches. Crisp and refreshing on the palate, with a lemony zing.

A great wine to pair with summery lunchtime dishes, such as paella and other rice salads, or pasta dishes with mussels.

AIX AIX AIX AIX AIX MAGNUM AIX AIX AIX...Date published: 14/05/14

So I thought this was probably the best way to let you all know...

Aix Magnums are in! And they are £4 cheaper than the UK. That makes the a startling £15.99.

Bigger is most definitely better when it comes to this Provence little number. 

It is the perfect present for all occasions - BBQs, parties, supper with the parents, a bath...

These flew off the shelves in the UK last summer so why not be ahead of the game this year and get these big beauties at a bargain price? 

(I'm starting to sound like a window sales person)

On that note 



Mud House Date published: 13/05/14

Coming soon....

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.


Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

It promises to be a good 'un and at £4.99 that makes it stratospherically good !!!! 

Enchanted by EnchantéDate published: 08/05/14

Hello Folks, 

Have you had your copy of Enchanté yet? 

It's our all new and glammed up listing. Not only does it have a comprehensive price list but it has some great articles and reasons to come to our lovely Calais. It looks really swish and not only that but the prices in it are for the WHOLE SUMMER. (Unless otherwise stated.)  This means you can plan a lovely trip to France or beyond and Pre-Order and pick up some wine and beer on the way home. Personally a boot chinking with bottles takes the blues off my return home from hols. 

Not got one? Simple; give me a ring on 01923298297 (A Watford number you say...shhhhh I'm actually in Calais) or email france@majestic.co.uk and I will have one whizzing through the post to you before you can say "Pass me the cork screw!"

Speak to you soon! 


Ned Ned Ned Ned Ne...Date published: 09/04/14

Just a quick one today

Did you know that Ned is £4.99 at the moment. 

Yep, that's right £4.99

Roger that


It is £2 cheaper than England which, lets be honest, is still pretty darn cheap! 

Majestic Calais Over and out. 

Why I'd come to CalaisDate published: 04/04/14

Having moved here almost a month ago now I think it's time I told you lovely folks why you should come to Calais. 

1) Majestic in France (come on- you knew it was going to be top of the list) But in all seriousness, the team here are amazing. With their fantastic sense of humour come and have a giggle with us !

2) So the wine- every restaurant or brasserie that I have been to here has a pretty ace wine list. Wine being a huge passion of mine it tends to be the first thing I look at. Coupled with delicious Majestic tipples and I'm one very happy lady! 

3) The food. I'm lucky enough to live right on the beach (great apart from when the fog descends, fog horns. Hmmmmmm) Did you know there is a bakery on the beach ?! Well, pretty close, 50 yards or so; you could hulahoop that. I worry that I may turn into a human croissant. Oh, and I can't forget fresh fish straight from the boats in the mornings. Amazing! (I grew up in the Midlands - fresh fish will always win me round)AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET THE CHEESE. 

4) THE BEACH. An awesome beach, miles and miles of sandy bliss. It's so good I've taken to running on it. Although I like to think these runs enable my trips to the bakery rather than negate them. 

5) Lastly, it's so easy, quick and cheap to get here. You can be here in under an hour and there are brilliant things to do (apart from on a Sunday- that's your beach day). I really love it here, I can give you some great recommendations and to be honest I think it's a fantastic place to come for a bit of a break, stock up on some wine and experience everything there is to offer. 

I promise you won't be disappointed.  


Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina - Gets My Vote!Date published: 26/03/14

Codorníu Reina Maria Cristina is a Blanc de Noirs, this means that it is solely made out of the Pinot Noir grape. Yep that's right - Pinot Noir. You haven't gone crazy it is indeed a black variety, however this staple of the Champagne trio of grape varieties is being used to make exceptionally delicious Cava. (It really is exceptionally delicious, honest) 

This Cava Brut (Brut meaning dry) was launched in honour of the Regent Queen María Cristina of Austria who in 1897 granted Codorníu with the title of “Official Provider of the Royal House”. Now if it's good enough for royalty I reckon I can give it a try. 

It has fine bubbles and persistent beading, this deliciously dry Cava has fresh, light, floral aromas with delicately rounded, well-balanced pear and brioche flavours.

Personally I think this Cava is perfect on its own, however it is also superb with fish. But shucks, no excuse is the best excuse! 

Salut! Date published: 19/03/14

Hi There!

I'm Antonia and I'm the new Assistant Manager here in our Calais Super Store. Working alongside Managers Tracey, Delphine and Assistant Manager Herve and the rest of the rest of the awesome French team. One can only conclude that Majestic Calais is a "super store". 

I started my Majestic career in Reigate, Surrey. 11 months later I found myself Assistant Manager of the very new and shiny Dorking store. However Calais is definitely my biggest challenge yet, it's HUGE!! 

Having grown up on Rhone wine, I will always have a soft place in my heart for it as well as southern French Corbieres. However my main passions are the elegance and sophistication of Burgundy and in contrast giant oaky, buttery, brash Chardonnays from California. 


I'm around most of the time- come and have a chat, taste some wine and see the extraordinary prices that Majestic in France has to offer. I'm still flabbergasted! 

Wine of the week: Berberena Gran Reserva 2005Date published: 14/01/14

Deep ruby red, with tawny hues. This Gran Reserva has a subtle aroma derived from ageing in both oak barrels and bottle. Harmonious and smooth yet full-bodied, this Gran Reserva offers the spicy, fruit attack expected from a good Gran Reserfva

Serving suggestions:Roast meats, pastas, tomato dishes, barbecues and game.

#EnjoyJanuaryDate published: 08/01/14

#EnjoyJanuary with @MajesticCalais! Follow and RT for a chance to wine one of 100 Dartington Crystal Wine Glasses when you visit us this month.

Extra Deals!!Date published: 06/01/14

We have a couple of new deals to reward those customers that brave the weather and come across for some Winter Warmers.

 Berberana Gran Reserva is now only £6.99*


Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc is down to £4.99*

Wrap up warm and come and visit us!

* Multibuy price when you buy 2 bottles or more.

Wine of the Week: Vina Eguia Gran Reserva, Rioja, 2004Date published: 06/12/13

Vina Eguia Gran Reserva, Rioja, 2004

A true expression of Gran Reserva Rioja!

Full-bodied and leathery with dried fruit such as prunes and raisins. The use of American oak gives tinges of vanilla and clove and adds tannic structure to the wine with a slightly oxidative caramel character. A superb wine with much character.

Enjoy with hard cheese or all manner of red meat dishes.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £10.99.

Store Directions- don't become a member of "The Field ClubDate published: 02/12/13

Pesky SATNAVS will send you into a field so please follow the directions below to get to us!

From the Eurotunnel: On exiting the terminal take the A16 (signposted Calais). You will drive for about 10 minutes until you reach junction 47. This is signposted Calais Port/Car Ferry. You then take the first exit at junction 3 (signposted Zone Marcel Doret). Take the first exit on the roundabout and then head straight on, crossing the mini roundabout and the store is straight ahead of you.

From the ferry terminal: On exiting the terminal follow the signs for the A16/A26 (signposted Paris/Reims). Continue on the A26 for about 5 minutes and exit at junction 3. You will come to a roundabout, take the fourth exit signposted Zone Marcel Doret.  Keep going straight on, you will cross a mini roundabout and then the store is straight ahead of you. 


Christmas Opening HoursDate published: 26/11/13

Mon-Fri: 8-7
Sat-Sun: 9-7
Dec 24: Closed
Dec 25: Closed
Dec 26: Closed
Dec 27-30: 9-7
Dec 31: 9-5
Jan 1: Closed
Jan 2-Feb 4th: 9-7

Wine of the Week: Pouilly-Fumé ‘Les Cascadelles’, 2012Date published: 22/11/13

Pouilly-Fumé ‘Les Cascadelles’, 2012

The 'Cascadelles' are the grapes that fall from the vine as horses walk through the vineyard, said to be a sign of a quality vintage. A well-rounded wine showing fruit flavours of delicate gooseberry and zesty citrus with an elegant mineral profile of smoky gunflint.

Enjoy with Sea-bass and at any seasonal event/party!


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £10.99.

Ned Week!Date published: 19/11/13

Ned Week!

As we now have two products from Brent Marris' fantastic Marlborough winery and the Sauvignon Blanc is on a fantastic offer, this week is 'Ned Week'. Look out for these two on our tasting counter!

The Ned Pinot Noir, 2012, Marlborough, Southern Valleys

A new product to us, wines like this are beginning to establish Marlborough as a serious area for consideration when seeking out top quality Pinot Noir. Elegant and soft with lots strawberry and raspberry fruit, subtle tannin and smokiness give a well-rounded experience.


The Ned Sauvignon Blanc, 2013, Marlborough, Waihopai River

A Sauvignon Blanc of real character. Distinguishes its self from the pack with Sancerre-like minerality and a blast of zesty citrus and gooseberry to leave your palate in a state of shock. A fantastic wine for any occasion. Get it while it is at this brilliant price.


-* Multi-buy Offer, at least two bottles must be bought to qualify for this offer price

A-Z of Fine Wine C is for ChampagneDate published: 06/11/13

“I only drink champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad.
Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone.
When I have company I consider it obligatory.
I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff unless I am thirsty.”
― Lily Bollinger

Nothing beats champagne for a celebration, Christmas, Birthdays, Sundays, Mondays... Our £14.99 Canard Duchene is an absolute steal, full, crisp, yeasty , complex yet crowd pleasing,  everything you could wish for.

Stock up your StockingsDate published: 06/11/13

To celebrate the Eurotunnel offers that start on the 12th of November we will be organising Christmas themed tastings every week Tuesday-Thursday from the 12th of November  , Bubbles, Port, Claret...  and we have a new range of fine wines and Gift Boxes available for you to choose from. 

Everything you need to make your Christmas special.

 Don't forget to pre-order in advance so that we can reserve your stock for you and have everything ready to rock and roll on www.majesticincalais.co.uk, on our UK number 01923 298 297 to avoid international surcharges, by calling us instore on 0033 321976300 or on calais@majestic.co.uk.

Californian ChristmasDate published: 05/11/13

Californian Christmas

Yes, yes, it is only November and Christmas is several weeks away, but it never hurts to think ahead, especially where Christmas dinner is concerned. If you like try different things to those you may have previously had, or just want to look elsewhere from the 'safe bets', these two Californian wines could fit the bill.

Ravenswood Zinfandel 2011, Lodi County.

A dense and luscious wine with lashing of blackcurrant and spice. Will go fantastically well if you are having fowl. Will also go surprisingly well with Christmas pud.

£5.33 when you buy two or more bottles, otherwise £8.99.

Geyser Peak Chardonnay 2012, Sonoma County.

Chardonnay is the classic white variety for Christmas dinner. Try this new-world twist with ripe peach and apples and very little oak influence. Perfect for poultry and drinking there on after.

£4.99 when you buy two or more bottles, otherwise £6.74.

Christmas Price Comparison. How much will you save?!Date published: 05/11/13

How much can you save at Majestic in Calais this Christmas?

Here at Majestic in France we guarantee that we will be £2 cheaper on all still wine, £3 cheaper on sparkling wine and £5 cheaper on cases of beer if they are sold in our Majestic stores in the UK.

But what about other shops, such as supermarkets which sell wine? Below you can see how much cheaper we our wines are when compared against UK supermarkets*. MWC refers to Majestic Wine Calais!

Torres Vina Sol: MWC £3.49. Waitrose & Tesco: £6.69. Saving £3.20!

Torres Vina Sol Rose: MWC £3.49. Sainsburys & Tesco: £6.99. Saving £3.50!

Torres Vina Esmerelda: MWC £4.99. Waitrose £8.49. Saving £3.50!

Jacob's Creek range: MWC £4.99. Tesco £7.49. Saving £2.50!

Caneletto Chianti: MWC £3.99. Waitrose £7.79. Saving £3.80!

CVNE Rioja Reserva: MWC £7.33. Waitrose £12.99. Saving £5.66!

Piccini Chianti Riserva: MWC £4.99. Sainsburys £8.99. Saving £4!

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc: MWC £4.99. Tesco£10.99. Saving £6!

Villa Maria Pinot Grigio: MWC £5.99. Waitrose£10.49. Saving £4.50!

Villa Maria Riesling: MWC £5.99. Waitrose£9.99. Saving £4!

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc: MWC £5.99. Waitrose £9.99. Saving £4!

Oyster Bay Range: MWC £6.99. Tesco£10.99. Saving £4!

Oxford Landing Range: MWC £3.49. Waitrose £7.99 (Except Chardonnay). Saving £4.50!

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel: MWC £5.33. Tesco £9.99. Saving £4.66!

Catena Malbec: MWC £10.99. Waitrose £12.99. Saving £2!

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat, half bottle: MWC £5.79. Waitrose £7.49. Saving £1.70!

Namaqua 3-litre boxed wine, red/white: MWC £5.99. Waitrose £17.99. Saving £12!!

Codorniu Cava, Brut: MWC £3.99. Sainsburys & Asda £7.00. Saving £3.01!

Codorniu Cava, Rosado: MWC £3.99. Sainsburys£10.49. Saving £6.50!

Oyster Bay Rose: MWC £5.99. Waitrose £13.99. Saving £8!

Lindauer Special Reserve, Brut: MWC £9.99. Waitrose £13.99. Saving £4!

Nicolas Feuillatte NV, Brut: MWC £13. Tesco £29.99. Saving £16.99!!

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV: MWC £21.99. Waitrose £31.99. Saving £10!!

Lanson Black Label NV, Brut: MWC £16.99. Tesco & Sainsburys. £33.99. Saving £17!!

Classic Ales Case: MWC £12. Waitrose £20.89. Saving £8.89!

Marston's Pedigree, per bottle: MWC £1. Waitrose & Tesco £1.97. Per Case** Saving £11.64!!

Spitfire, per bottle: MWC £1.08. Tesco & Sainsburys £1.97. Per Case** Saving £10.68!!

Adnams Southwold: MWC £1. Waitrose & Tesco £1.97. Per Case** Saving £11.64!!

Adnams Broadside: MWC £1.42. Waitrose & Tesco £1.97. Per Case** Saving £6.60!

Old Speckled Hens Cans: MWC £0.75. Waitrose, Tesco & Sainsburys £1.50. Per Case** Saving £18!!

*Prices correct as of 22/10/13, refers to multibuy offer price at Majestic Wine Calais where applicable.

**Container type specified, for bottles, cases consist of 12 units, for cans, cases consist of 24 units.

A-Z of Fine Wine B is for BaroloDate published: 04/11/13

Ah,  Barolo, the most powerful and dramatic of all Italian reds, , Barolo takes its name from the village of barolo 15km south of Alba in the Piemonte region. Our  Barolo Milani, is  a warm garnet colour with ruby highlights, Complex on the nose, with subtle notes of violet and pencil lead accenting the plum and cherry fruit. Weighty, fine-grained tannins provide prodigious grip.


A-Z of Fine Wine A is for AlbarinoDate published: 02/11/13

Albarino is a destinctive, aromatic grape variety,  most common in Spain, sometimes oak matured and increasingly aged for a number of years  in stainless steel tanks. We have at last got one into our range, Deusa Nai Albarino , from one of our favourite spanish suppliers - Marques de Caceres is a pure delight,  it carries an intensely floral bouquet covering a backdrop of citrus and stone fruit aromas. A friendly palate of apricot and lime flavours, with a satisfyingly full texture and refreshing acidity. It's not a cheap wine , but how surprising, how satisfying to drink something of this quality on a special occasion.


Trick or Treat!Date published: 31/10/13

Happy Halloween to you all! 

Its blowing a gale here in Calais today, I therefore have no desire to go off round the houses with the kids tonight, I fancy a treat of my own in front of the fire, in the form of our fantastic Vina Eguia Gran Reserva 2004 @ at a ghoulish £6.99 only*. The fruit here is mature and  the complexity of a 9yr old wine really showing, raisin ,prune and caramel notes  with hints of vanilla, clove and leather. A real treat, want to join me?

*When you buy 2 bottles or more

CodornίuDate published: 18/10/13


Pronounced 'Cod-on-you', Codornίu are a premium producer of Cava Spanish sparkling wine. Unlike some cavas which can appear and taste 'cheap', Codornίu maintain quality by using grapes only from their own vineyards which allows them to closely monitor quality and by the use of modern techniques and equipment at their Winery in Catalonia, near Barcelona. As well as producing fine traditional Cava, Codornίu are pioneers in the use of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Cava. Here at Majestic in France we have three fantastic Cavas from Codornίu, all produced using traditional methods of bottle fermentation.

Codornίu Brut, NV

Made using traditional grape varieties Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada this wine exhibits freshness coupled with flavoursome citrus and apple with just a hint of nutiness. Currently £3.99*.

Codornίu Rosado Brut, NV

Hints of citrus add a nice contract to the lashings of raspberry and strawberry fruit on the palate. Made with Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada and Monastrell. This is a fantastic wine for just £3.99*. So much so that at the International Wine Challenge awards 2012, this wine won the awards for best value sparkling wine and best sparkling wine under £15.

Codornίu Selección Raventós Brut, NV

A wine of this quality for just £4.99* is rare, This wine was formally the personal reserve of the Raventós family but have since allowed it to be shared out for everyone to enjoy. The 50% Chardonnay makes this part of the 'new-wave' Cava wines, but the Chardonnay imparts incredible richness and a honeyed character to the wine. An exceptional Champagne alternative.

* - Multibuy offers, at least two bottles must be bought to secure offer price

Wine of the Week: Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel, California, 2011Date published: 17/10/13

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel, California, 2011

The Ravenswood Motto is 'No Wimpy Wines', and that certainly is the case here. Dense dark fruits such as blueberry and plums with well rounded oak imparting hints of vanilla to the palate. Flavours reminiscent of a dark fruit cake.

This wine comes from Lodi County, in the Northern areas of California's Central Valley and is the Zinfandel capital of the world. Known locally as Zin, ancient vines give incredible power and concentration to the wine.

I would happily consume this on its own for the pure enjoyment it would give, but will match very well with richer meats such as breast of duck.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £8.99.

6 New Wines, 6 New Experiences!Date published: 11/10/13

6 New Wines, 6 New Experiences!

This week at Majestic Wine Calais we have welcomed a whooping six new wines to our range.

Ravenswood Zinfandel, Lodi California, 2011

This wine is the perfect balance of fruit, oak and spice. If you like big dense wines and lashings of blackcurrant this could be the wine for you. The price of £6.99* is a steal.

Geyser Peak Chardonnay, 2012

A good balance between crisp apple and stone fruit and delicate toast. Well-balanced wine from Sonama Valley priced at £4.99*

Château Saint George, St Emillion Saint George, 2007

Saint George wines don't hold the same prestige as St Emillion wines proper, and hence are priced lower. This can work in you favour as is the case here as you get a great Merlot dominated for a price barely believable. Yours for £11.99*

Cote du Rhone, Leon Perdigal, 2012

If medium-bodied reds with redcurrant fruit is more your style, this is a solid choice. Refreshing acidity and delicate spice add class. Only £4.99*

Barolo Milano, 2009

A classic Christmas wine, this Barolo is slightly lighter than some of the ultra dense wines that are the norm, but the luscious plum and cherry fruits are still there. £11.99.

The Ned Pinot Noir, Marlborough, 2012

Everybody knows about the Ned Sauvignon Blanc and most love it as well. If you love New World Pinot Noir then this will probably become a favourite also. £11.99.

There are plenty more wines which will be appearing for the first time or reappearing in the run up to Christmas so keep checking our website to stay up to date.

*Multibuy price: at least 2 bottles must be purchased to benefit from this offer.

Wine of the Week: Catena Chardonnay 2012, MendozaDate published: 09/10/13

Catena Chardonnay 2012, Mendoza

Oaked-aged Chardonnay wines enjoy somewhat of a mixed reputation. Some people love them, some hate them, often as they have had a very badly made example. This wine however is very well-made. The Barrel Fermentation leads to perfect integration of oak with aromas of buttered popcorn and delicate toast on the palate.

Catena wines are sourced from distinct high altitude vineyard sites to use grapes that express the unique climate and terrior of their expressive plots. The high altitude imparts pure stone fruit flavour and a hint of banana, the different plots bestow complexity on the wine.

Enjoy with the Sunday Roast!

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £10.99

Quality Champagne at Bargain Prices!Date published: 03/10/13

Majestic in Calais are proud to announce that 3 Champagnes that we stock have been rewarded at "The Champagne Masters 2013" challenge. The Champagne Masters is a competition created and run by the drinks business and an extension of its successful Masters series for spirits. The competition is exclusively for Champagne and almost 100 entries were judged by a selection of highly experienced tasters, the wines were tasted over the course of one day at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut £13 (until the 14.10) won silver in "Best Non -Vintage Champagne between £25 and £35" (UK Price)

Taittinger Brut Reserve £25 each when you buy 2 or more (until the 04.11) won Silver in Best Non Vintage Champagne over £35 (UK price) and Gold best gift box design and packaging - ok, this doesn't change the taste but with Christmas looming gift boxes are important to us.

And Nicolas Feuillatte 2006 £27 each when you buy 2 or more (until the 04.11) won Gold in Best Vintage Champagne from £25 to £35 (UK Price)

Matua Pinot Noir, Marlborough, 2012Date published: 27/09/13

Matua Pinot Noir, Marlborough, 2012

The Matua Winery, an award winning wine-maker and pioneers of the Sauvignon Blanc movement in New Zealand also make rather a good Pinot Noir!

Matua is the Maori word for 'head of the family', and this wine is quite literally head-and-shoulders above similarly priced Marlborough Pinot Noirs I have tasted.

Ripe redcurrant will match up well with poultry as well as lamb steaks where the subtle thyme finish of this wine will be in good hands.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £10.49.

Ned Glorious NedDate published: 26/09/13

Ned Glorious Ned

It’s been a long time coming but finally it is back. Everybody’s Favourite Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, The Ned is back in stock, with the new 2013 vintage.

The wine still displays the subtle minerality with lashings of citrus, gooseberry and elderflower that make this wine a firm Majestic favourite.

An award-winning this wine, currently priced at £7.99, this will out-do many more expensive wines from Marlborough just because it is that good! Don’t delay or it will be gone again.

Majestic Calais Value SectionDate published: 26/09/13

Majestic Calais Value Section

Here at Majestic Wine in Calais we are all about offering you the well priced value wines available. However, these wines can often be diluted around the store by other more expensive wines, which also offer good value, but can give the impression that we are an expensive place to purchase your wine in France.

This is not the case and to make it easier for you to see this we have constructed an area of the store dedicated to wines always priced between £1.99 and £2.99. This can be found at the far back left of the store as you enter.

Some of the stars of this section currently are the Mont Saint Jean Corbieres at £2.99, the Canti Blanco and Rossi both £1.99 and the Albinoni Garganega Pinot Grigio priced at £2.49.

Of course there will always be other wines which periodically will be on offer at these prices, so watch out for these in store or ask a member of staff for the best offers we currently have.

Currently we have the Torres Vina Sol at the fantastic price of £2.49 and the Undurraga sparkling wine on offer at £2.99*, both on offer until November 3rd.

Champagne Bollinger Date published: 25/09/13

''I drink it when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm Alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and I drink it when I am.Otherwise I never touch it, unless I'm thirsty''.

                                                                                                                              -Madame Lily Bollinger.

Special Cuvee non-vintage,

On offer at £27 per bottle when you buy at least six, otherwise £42 per bottle.

Wine of the Week: Viñalba Reservado Malbec 2010, MendozaDate published: 13/09/13

Viñalba Reservado Malbec 2010, Mendoza

A rich, powerful red from husband and wife winemaking team Hervé & Diane Fabre, this Malbec displays all that makes Argentina's signature red variety great. Exquisite flavours linger in the mouth long after you have taken a sip. Dark plum is complimented with nuances of mocha and grippy tannins that will match with steak of beef or lamb seamlessly. Feeling adventurous? Try with dark chocolate cake!

This wine, first made in 1992, was the first Malbec single varietal to be made in Argentina which has led to a revolution in Argentina's wine industry. It has since won Decanter awards for quality and the winery itself has won an International Wine & Spirit Award gold Argentinian producer award.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £9.99.

How Much Can You Save at Majestic Wine Calais?Date published: 12/09/13

How much can you save at Majestic Wine Calais?

Here at Majestic Wine Calais we guarantee that we will be £2 cheaper on all still wine, £3 cheaper on sparkling wine and £5 cheaper on cases of beer if they are sold in our Majestic stores in the UK.

But what about other shops such as supermarkets which sell wine. Below you can see how much cheaper we our wines are when compared against UK supermarkets*. MWC refers to Majestic Wine Calais!

Torres Vina Sol: MWC £2.99. Waitrose & Tesco: £6.69. Saving £3.70!

Torres Vina Sol Rose: MWC £3.49. Waitrose & Tesco: £6.99. Saving £3.50!

Torres Sangre de Toro: MWC £4.99. Waitrose £8.29. Saving £3.30!

Jacob's Creek range: MWC £4.99. Sainsburys £7.79. Saving £2.80!

Caneletto Chianti: MWC £3.99. Waitrose £5.79. Saving £1.80!

Piccini Chianti Riserva: MWC £4.99. Sainsburys £7.99. Saving £3!

Brancott Sauvignon Blanc: MWC £4.99. Waitrose & Sainsburys £9.99. Saving £5!

Brancott Pinot Noir: MWC £6.99. Waitrose £10.99. Saving £4!

Namaqua 3-litre boxed wine, red/white: MWC £5.99. Waitrose £17.99. Saving £12!!

Codorniu Cava, Brut: MWC £3.99. Sainsburys £8.99. Saving £5!

Oyster Bay Brut: MWC £6.99. Waitrose £13.99. Saving £7!

Oyster Bay Rose: MWC £6.99. Waitrose £10.99. Saving £4!

Lindauer Special Reserve, Brut: MWC £6.99. Waitrose £10.49. Saving £3.50!

*Prices correct as of 6/9/13, refers to multibuy offer price at Majestic Wine Calais when applicable.

Exceptional OffersDate published: 12/09/13

As of today we have some of our favorite wines going onto extra special short term offers!

-Giesen Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough: was £4.99, Now £3.99*

-Prosecco Zonin, Brut: was £6.99, Now £3.66*

-Nicolas Feuillatte NV Champagne: was £16, Now £12.99*

-Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top, 2007: was £17, Now £14.99*

These fantastic offers last until the 23rd September and to be eligible, orders must have been collected by this date.

*Multibuy price, must buy at 2 bottles to qualify for this offer price.

New in - MatuaDate published: 11/09/13

New In – Matua

New to our range this week are two brand new wines from the Marlborough region, New Zealand.

'Matua', the Maori word for 'head of the family' are an award winning winery from which we will be offering their Sauvignon Blanc and their Pinot Noir. The winery was started in 1974 by brothers Ross and Bill Spence and is now one of the most internationally renowned New Zealand producers.

Their IWSC award for quality compliments their individual awards from the IWSC and the San Francisco International Competition 2013 for their Sauvignon Blanc, which displays a taut but refreshing acidity along with lots of grapefruit and gooseberry flavour. At £5.99 this is an enticing price for a wine of such calibre.

The Pinot Noir is a wine that displays full and ripe redcurrant fruit and displays elegant structure and acidity. £6.99 for a New Zealand Pinot Noir would be good by anyone's standards, more so from this winery.

So if you like to try new wines with a great reputation, these two certainly fit the bill!

Wines for Vegan/Vegetarians!Date published: 23/08/13

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you may or may not know that wine production uses animal products for the removal of sediments left in wine after ageing. If you wish to drink wines that are free of any animal products, here is a handy list!

Callia Bella Malbec 2012 San Juan
Pinot Noir Domaine de Valmoissine 2011 Louis Latour, PGI Côteaux du Verdon
Kuhlmann-Platz Gewürztraminer 2012 Cave de Hunawihr
Bourgogne Chardonnay 'Les Chenaudières' 2012 Cave de Lugny
Pinot Grigio Breganze Rosato 2012
Montepulciano Grifone 2012
Châteauneuf-du-Pape 'Cuvée des Antiques' 2011
Red Burgundy Reserve Côte d'Or 2012 Labouré-Roi
Boschendal Chenin Blanc 2012 Coastal Region
Grand Héron Marc Ducournau 2012 PGI Côtes de Gascogne
Paul Mas Vermentino 2012 PGI Pays d'Oc
Sangiovese Bacaro 2012
BVS Shiraz 2010 Peter Lehmann, Barossa Valley
La Grille Cool Fermented Chenin Blanc 2011/2012 Gwenaël Guihard, Anjou
Argento Pinot Grigio 2012 Mendoza
Paul Mas Chardonnay 2012 PGI Pays d'Oc
Kuhlmann-Platz Pinot Gris 2012 Cave de Hunawihr
Alamos Viognier 2012 Catena, Mendoza
Bellingham Mocha Java Merlot 2012 Coastal Region
Bourgogne Aligoté 2012 Château du Cray
Gevrey-Chambertin 2011 Jean Bourguignon
Nuits-Saint-Georges 2011 Jean Bourguignon
La Plata Merlot 2012 Mendoza
Marsannay Rouge 2008 Louis Latour
Argento Chardonnay 2012 Mendoza
Paul Mas Estate Syrah Viognier 'Nicole Vineyard' 2012 PGI Pays d'Oc
La Plata Malbec 2012 Mendoza
La Plata Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Mendoza
Les Galets Cotes Du Rhone 2011
Kuhlmann-Platz Riesling 2012 Cave de Hunawihr
Pinot Grigio Superiore Breganze 2012
Bourgogne Pinot Noir Nicolas Potel 2010
Château Guiot 2012 Costières de Nîmes
Chablis 2012 Jean Bourguignon
La Serrana Tempranillo 2012
Cariñena Peter Lehmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Barossa Valley
Portillo Malbec 2012, Mendoza
Chablis Servin 2011
Bourgogne Chardonnay 2011 Nicolas Potel
Lacheteau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Vin de France

The Wines of Santa RitaDate published: 23/08/13

The Wines of Santa Rita, at Majestic Wine Calais

The '120' Range

In 1814, so the story goes, the battle for Chile's independence was raging. 120 battle-weary 'patriots', found there way onto the lands belonging to Santa Rita and found refuge in the winery's cellars. Today, 120 wines are crafted in these same cellars, producing wines of elegance and youthful fruit character. This line displays exceptional value with the Merlot, Carmenere, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier and the Rose all fantastically priced at £3.99 here at Majestic in Calais.

Medalla Real

The Medalla Real range focuses on producing wines of high quality that still offer fantastic value for money. The Chardonnay is rich and Buttery, The Cabernet Sauvignon is very pure of fruit and the Carmenere is a fantastic example of Chile's signature red variety. Complex and Concentrated, all our Medalla Real wines are well priced at £6.79 here at Majestic Calais. These wines in my opinion are considerably better priced than wines of similar quality from elsewhere, truly showing the value of Chilean wines.

Wine of The Week, Oyster Bay Merlot, 2011Date published: 22/08/13

Oyster Bay Merlot, 2011

The Philosophy of Oyster Bay is to produce fine, distinctly regional wines that are elegant and assertive with glorious fruit flavour.

From the red wine heart of New Zealand at Hawke's Bay, this wine oozes class as aromas

of plums and subtle spice spill from the glass. Fine grained tannins compliment the red berry fruit leading to a long satisfying finish with just a hint of coffee.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £8.99.

Wine of the Week: Yalumba 'Y Series' ViognierDate published: 16/08/13

Yalumba 'Y Series' Viognier, 2012

If you like to live on the wild side and go for wines a bit different Viognier is a great place to start.

Packed full of rich stone-fruitiness, the incredible mouth feel is complimented by a full-body, and ripe peach and apricots. Floral aromas compliment the good length of the wine on the palate for an overall, very pleasing experience.

As if all this was not enough, This wine was awarded an International Wine Challenge Gold as well as winning the award for great value white wine at this years awards. Enjoy with Tuna dishes.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £7.99.

The Production of ChampagneDate published: 10/08/13

The Production of Champagne

Ever been sipping on a glass of gorgeous Champagne and wondered how they get the bubbles in there? There are 8 stages along the way from grape to glass!


The are three primary grapes used in Champagne. These are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The grapes are pressed very gently in a pneumatic press to to as not release the bitter tannins contained within the stems, skins and pips of grapes. Pinot Noir traditionally produces red wines and this gentle pressing prevents the release of the red pigments within the grape skin.

Primary Fermentation

The three different grape juices are fermented to produce base wines ready for blending. These 'still wines' you would not want to drink however, as they will be very highly acidic and low in alcohol. This is due to the cold climate of Champagne and high latitude.


The producer will take these base wines and blend them in a way that best suites the style he or she is trying to achieve. In non-vintage wines, a producer can use 'reserve wines' that may have been stored for many years with different characteristics to achieve a consistent style. Vintage wines can only have wines blended grapes grown in the same year.

Secondary Fermentation

This blended wine has no sparkle and the secondary fermentation is where the magic happens. A liquid called tirage is added to the wine. This contains yeast, sugar and other nutrients. The bottle is sealed with a plastic cap similar to a beer bottle top and is stacked horizontally. The bottle is left to ferment for six to eight weeks and the alcohol content raises slightly. As the bottle is sealed the carbon dioxide produced has no where to go and dissolves into the wine. Once fermentation is complete the pressure within the bottle is as high as six atmospheres.

Yeast Autolysis

Once the fermentation is complete the yeast die and form a sediment known as the 'lees'. These cells begin to break down and release proteins and other compounds. This influences the flavour of the wine with such characters of bread, biscuit and toast notes. This process typically last four to five years but can last as long as ten. In wines that are aged longer, typically vintage Champagnes, the lees keep the wine fresh and can be left for decades.


After a producer has aged the Champagne on the lees for long enough, the remaining yeast sediment needs to be removed from the wine. The process of riddling is when the bottle is slowly tilted forward and twisted to collect all the sediment. This used to be carried out by hand and was very labour intensive and time consuming lasting as long as eight weeks. A hydraulic arm is usually used for tilting taking only eight days and riddling up to 500 bottles a time.

Disgorgement and Corking

The neck of the bottle is submerged in very cold brine which freezes the wine in the neck. The cap is removed and the pressure ejects the frozen wine from the bottle. The bottle is then topped up with dosage, a mixture of wine and sugar is then added, and the cork is then placed on the bottle. The sugar added at this stage will determine the style (ie. Brut, Demi-sec).

Bottle Ageing

The bottle is then aged for a further few months to allow the dosage to fully integrate and for further flavour development and that is how Champagne is made!

“The Baron of Barossa”Date published: 07/08/13

“The Baron of Barossa”

Peter Lehman sadly died in June aged 82. His legacy has paved the way for Australia to become one of the true heavy-weights of the global wine industry. At a time of great turmoil in the Australian wine business, his actions, possibly the defining moment of his life, saved the lively-hoods of several families and set in motion the series of events that led to Lehman setting up his own winery bearing his name.

This incident is alluded to on the portrait series Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon we sell here at Majestic in France (£6.79 per bottle, when you buy at least 2). When ordered by bosses at Saltrum, where he was chief winemaker in 1978, to renege on a deal to purchase red grapes due to shifting international demand for white wines, he said no. Having spent the previous 20 years building relationships with the grape growers he managed to raise the funds needed to buy all the grapes and worked out a compromise with Saltrum to produce wine from these grapes at their winery.

A win-win situation for all concerned and this winery was named the Masterson winery and run by Lehman's wife. However the very next year, Saltrum was bought-out and the new owners did not want anything to do with this side-project. With hard work, grit and determination and a slice of luck, Lehman found investors and a winery for sale in the Barossa and the Lehman Winery was formed in 1982, once again saving the livelihoods of the growers.

Lehman’s big break on the international scene came when his 1989 Stonewall Shiraz won ‘The Jimmy Watson’, the most prestigious red wine trophy in Australia, showing the true potential of Australian Shiraz.

Today Lehman Winery produces 750,000 cases of wine every year and with a strong international presence has also worked and developed world-class white wines to compliment its already sterling reputation for reds. The growers of course continue to play their part and now Lehman winery sources grapes from 140 growers across the Barossa Valley. 30 years on this is a story that shows that doing the right thing can still lead to success even when at odds with commercial interests and even when times are not good, hard work can see you flourish when conditions improve.

Peter Lehman

18 August 1930 - 28 June 2013

‘My Word is my Bond’

New in - Paul Mas VermentinoDate published: 07/08/13

New In – Paul Mas Vermentino

This week we have a brand new wine in the form of the Paul Mas Vermentino.

Vermentino is an interesting variety of grape of Italian heritage and rarely seen outside of its endemic regions, but deployed here by Paul Mas to stunning effect. As Vermentino thrives in the hot Italian sunshine, it is equally at home at Paul Mas' vineyards in Montagnac, deep into Southern France.

The wine displays a golden colour with tinges of greenery. Aromas of citrus fruit with added complexity of pear and rose petals. A rich mouth-feel compliments a good acidity. Good fruit character is rounded off with a delicate minerality which will make this wine ideal for shellfish and lemon-dressed salads.


*when at least 2 bottles are purchased, £5.99 single bottle price.

Wine of the Week: Giesen Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2012Date published: 01/08/13

The Brothers Giesen, Theo, Alex and Marcel produce a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with real distinction and a little bit different!

Infused with a zesty, refreshing acidity and a slight spritz to tickle the tongue, Tropical fruit mingle with crushed nettles and persistent gooseberries in a multi-faceted wine.

The wine is vinified from 32 sites across the Wairau Valley, depicted on the label, encompass various micro-climates to produce a wine of depth and character. On special offer until the 13th August, a wine this good at this price does not come along very often.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £5.49.

Nicolas Feuillatte Vintage, 2006Date published: 31/07/13

Nicolas Feuillatte Vintage 2006

If you like vintage champagne or would like to try one the Nicolas Feuillatte Vintage is a wine you must try.

So you may ask your self, what is a Vintage Champagne and why should I buy it? Well is it a wine where the grapes all come from a particular year, always listed on the bottle. The wine by law also has to undergo a longer ageing process than Non-vintage champagnes that last at least 5 years. Just as importantly is that they tend to be only produced in good to exceptional years using more quality conscious wine-making techniques. So, better grapes produced using better techniques with more ageing give a superior wine!

This particular Champagne has a subtle yeastiness reminiscent of freshly baked bread and brioche from the extended ageing on the lees. A refreshing citrus backbone give a multi-faceted vintage champagne with much fruit character.

Just in case you are not convinced just yet this wine has had the honour of being awarded a bronze award at the 2012 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and a silver at the International Wine Challenge 2012. Consider the extra cost of buying a vintage champagne an investment. An investment in your own enjoyment!

Wine of the Week: Cote du Rhone 2010, Vidal-Fleury Date published: 29/07/13

Cote du Rhone 2010, Vidal-Fleury 

The red wines of the Cote du Rhone Appellation are in my opinion some of the most under-rated and best value wines available in all France. Awarded 85 out of 100 by Robert Parker and recommended by Decanter, not many wines for £5.99 come so well praised.

A wine of medium body but with an incredible intensity of black fruits and bramble and a lovely lingering spice. Enjoy with a spicy pepperoni pizza and red meats.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £7.99.

In The PressDate published: 28/07/13

Jane McQuitty, has written up our  Fab new Alsacian Gewurztraminer from Kuhlmann Platz. At only £6.49 in our French stores this is a bargain and a perfect summer tipple.

Cave Vinicole de Hunawihr was the first cooperative in Alsace and the third in France as a whole. The winery was built in the 1950s by the founding vignerons, who tended their vines by day and worked on the building by night, creating a winery that is still in use today.

Fresh and open, with a pale straw colour and light body. Aromas of apricot and yellow plum, with hints of white rose. A gently sweet palate with firm acidity that dries and lengthens the finish.

Its Hot hot Hot!!Date published: 22/07/13

Its scorching here in Calais but how to quench the thirst?? Here are the things the team are sorely tempted by today...

Peroni - a cold beer on a warm evening that's what the boys want and with our price of less than 92p a bottle its an affordable thirst quencher. We the girls like bubbles too but don't fancy beer and if its pink even better again so we reckon that the Oyster Bay Rose is the way to go at only £6.99 a bottle its a steal, its a fair match to many a decent pink champagne just a fraction of the price!

What do you fancy?

Wine of the WeekDate published: 21/06/13

Sauvignon de Touraine 2011, Thierry Delaunay

Many people are hooked on New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and have good reason to be. However, with a poor 2012 vintage and an increased demand coming mainly from Asia, many may find their staple Marlborough's out of stock or taking a sharp increase in price.

Any inclined to look elsewhere should go straight to the Loire Valley, and this example from Thierry Delaunay is top-notch!

Punchy Gooseberry fruit character with underlying citrus make this wine not only fresh and satisfying, but also an excellent match for fish, particularly steamed Salmon.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £6.99.

BBQ in the rain....Date published: 14/06/13

Ok, so the weather isn't really with us yet but I am a die hard BBQ fan, so no matter what happens I'm planning a nice big juicy Rib of Beef  on the barbie this weekend even if I have to hold an umbrella over it!. I'm undecided as to what to drink though, I'm very tempted by a Portillo Malbec @£4.99 full of fresh black fruit and silky tannins or do I treat myself to a classic Rhone in the form of the Chapoutier Belleruche on offer until the 22nd of July @ only £5.99. Dilemma, dilemma......However,  I am in absolutely no doubt about the aperitif, that has got to be the fabulous Hiedsieck Monopole Vintage 2007 @ £17 an absolute steal!

Wine of The WeekDate published: 05/06/13

William Hardy Signature Chardonnay, 2012

William Hardy is of the fifth generation of Hardy family winemakers. This Chardonnay epitomises the modern Australian style, and has been sourced from a number of vineyards across South Australia, mainly in the Padthaway and Riverland regions. Intensely fruit-driven aromatics, centring on white peach, melon and citrus, with very subtle hints of oak. The palate has a creamy texture and crisp acidity, balanced perfectly with ripeness of fruit.

Drink over the next 3 years. Pair with chicken and mushroom risotto. A new product for Majestic in France and UK. Destined to be a favourite!


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £6.74.

Sunshine at lastDate published: 26/05/13

Ok it may be fleeting but the sun has at last come out to play here in Calais, - for one day only says the weather man grrrrrrr. So,  we are celebrating with our brand new Oyster sparkling Rose! yum yum, small elegant bubbles, light red fruit flavours, the next best thing to Pink chamopagne without the price tag! Care to join us?  http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/find/keyword-is-oyster/product-is-F-36106

New in This Week!Date published: 24/05/13

This week we have had to new additions to our range from Argentina both from Bodegas Salentein.

Portillo Malbec 2012, Mendoza

A wine with exceptional fruit characters of plums and blackcurrants with nuances of bramble and soft, rounded tannins. Not as heavy as some Argentinian Malbecs which may make this wine more approachable for some but despite this will be perfect for a steak or spiced Lamb. For £4.99 and exceptional wine which recently won Decanter's 'Best Argentinian Malbec under £10.

Callia Bella Malbec 2012 , San Juan

Whilst we have many Malbecs from Mendoza, we did'nt have any from elsewhere in Argentina. That is until we got the Callia Bella from San Juan as part of our range. An alluring deep purple colour, this wine displays bramble on the nose and is backed up with plummy notes on the palate with enough bite from the tannins to suggest this will go very nicely with beef dishes.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 23/05/13

Mâcon-Lugny 2011, Louis Latour

The limestone-rich soils of the town of Lugny were the first to be under vine in the Maconnais region of Burgundy as the conditions are perfect for Chardonnay.

Pale gold in colour, with a beguiling aroma of fresh apples, lemon curd and toasted citrus fruits atop a palate of fresh and crisp green-apple acidity, buttery and peachy fruit and a long, warming finish.

Will work very well with creamy poultry dishes or seafood.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £8.99.

Bank Holiday OffersDate published: 23/05/13

This Bank holiday we have decided to reward all our Majestic in France customers with some extra special Bank Holiday offers which run until 3rd June.

Here are Team Calais' top picks and!

Louis Latour Macon-Lugny: was £7.99, NOW £5.99!

A Burgundy of elegance and style. This is how Chardonnay should be! A creamy mouth-feel with a lemony, buttery character with restrained acidity makes this wine perfect for poultry dishes.

M. Chapoutier, Belleruche Cote du Rhone: was £7.99, NOW £5.99

A wine bursting with dark fruits and subtle spice. Ripe blueberries entice the palate and the long finish does not disappoint. Enjoy with rich meat dishes.

Taittinger NV Brut: was £37, NOW £22!!

A delicate Champagne from this fine old house. Silver medals from Decanter and the International Wine Challenge ensure you are getting a cracking wine, especially at this price.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 14/05/13

Medalla Real Gran Reserva, Santa Rita

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009

The Medalla Real range from Santa Rita has some exceptional wines but without doubt the pick of the bunch is the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Deep ruby-red in colour, this wine displays very pure black fruits such as blackcurrants and blackberries underlined by a delicate spiciness. Ripe, juicy tannins add structure to this full-bodied wine which has a satisfying, lingering finish.

Enjoy with steak or gamier meats.

Chosen by Matt....


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £8.99.

Staff Choice: Jean Vincent Pouilly FumeDate published: 11/05/13

Father-and-son team Jean and Vincent Chatelain are the 11th and 12th generations of an illustrious winemaking family, based in the heart of Pouilly-sur-Loire. This wine was made to be enjoy with Salmon. Delicate gooseberry nuances are underlined by a flinty, steely finish.

Matt's ChoiceDate published: 09/05/13

Louis Latour, Grand Ardeche

Chardonnay for some is 'an avoid at all costs' grape variety. I say to those people try this! This example from Maison Latour shows perfect oak integration leading to a buttery texture with a nutty finish. As this is not a Burgundian wine, as Latour is usually known for, you will find a wine that still has the elegance you would expect but at an incredible price.

Wine of The Week: Gavi La ToledanaDate published: 01/05/13

The white wines of the village of Gavi in Piedmont have been dubbed the Chablis of Italy, due to their fresh, steely minerality. Wines from the vineyards closest to the town are labelled Gavi di Gavi, and this one is made from late-harvested Cortese grapes which give this wine a slight off-dry style and richness. The variety is produces a bracingly high acidity and its ability to retain freshness, even when grown in the hot environments of Piedmont. Ripe peach and pears with hints of citrus and a slight honeyed edge held together by steely minerality. An ideal apéritif, this wine will also complement poached white fish.


*when you purchase at least two bottles, single bottle price: £7.99.

Last Few WeeksDate published: 05/04/13

Our sprightly spring offers end on the 29th of april so there are only a few weeks left to avail of such fantastic deals as .

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV @£13

Prosecco Conegliano @£5.99

and now back in Stock

Cotes du Rhone Guigal @ £6.99*

and Cotes du Rhone Les Galets @ £2.99*

Also, we are rapidly running out of Lindauer Blanc de Blancs Special Reserve @ £5.99 - when its gone its gone to dont miss out!

So hurry and stock up on all your old favourites!!


*when you buy 2 or more

Prosecco Di Conegliano ValdobbiadeneDate published: 30/03/13

Prosecco has seen a huge rise in its popularity in the past decade. Made from the Glera grape variety, it is a sparkling wine of immense freshness with a light body and mousse often accompanied by nuances of apples, pears and pineapples.  

A very comparable alternative to Champagne, this 'Italian Stallion' of the sparkling wine world is perfect as an aperitif, especially when the wedding bells are ringing.

However, not all prosecco is the same! Some Glera grapes are grown in the valleys that separates the two towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This area has the perfect terrior and micro-climate that allow the Glera grape to show off all its aromatic qualities and develop its crisp finish.

The fact that the wines produced here are generally of a higher quality was formally recognised in 2009 with the awarding of the D.O.C.G. status which differentiates Conegliano Valdobbiadene wines from other prosecco wines in the region. This elevation of status essentially guarantees the quality of the wine you are purchasing.

This example from La Marca Winery was awarded as one the "Top 100 Wines of the Year" in 2007 by The Wine Spectator. This Extra-dry (off-dry style) is fantastically priced here at Majestic in France at just £5.99.

Wine of the Week: Catena Malbec, 2009Date published: 29/03/13

Catena Malbec, 2009

The Catena Malbec is a blend of lots from the Catena family’s vineyards. Each vineyard is divided into lots that are harvested separately, and specially prepared to be part of the final blend of each Catena Malbec. By blending components from different terroirs and altitudes, the aim is to create the most balanced and expressive wine. Although perfectly fine to be consumed shortly after release, this Malbec can age beautifully for ten to twenty years.

The 2009 Catena Malbec presents a dark, violet color with deep black tones. This wine contains ripe plum and chocolate flavors with a very soft, supple mouthfeel with a core of blackcurrant and cassis, with excellent structure and length. There is a slight earthy tone and notes of spicy black pepper. This is a Malbec with exceptional concentration with explosive floral aromatics. In summary, a wine with excellent concentration, balance and freshness. Enjoy with a well-done steak in the best of Argentinian traditions.


*When you buy 2 or more £11.49, single bottle price

Easter and Changing Clocks..Date published: 28/03/13

Don't forget that the clocks go forward an hour in France and England with the arrival of the Easter Bunny this weekend, unfortunately meaning an hour less in bed for us all. beware not to forget to change your watch so as not to miss out on collecting your wine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We are open 8am to 8pm on good Friday, all weekend 9am to 7pm and on Easter Monday from 8am to 8pm.

Beat the BudgetDate published: 21/03/13

Another 10pence tax per bottle of wine in the UK since yesterday thanks to the budget....... thats 10 more reasons to come and shop with us in France is it not??

Unbeatable Easter Offers Date published: 19/03/13

With the arrival of a little sunshine here in Calais this morning  there has also been the arrival of our Easter offers.

Check out Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne for only £13.00

Prosecco Conegliano £5.99

Peter Lehman BVS Shiraz now only £5.99* (On tasting, don't miss out)

The Ned, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £4.99* - while stocks last!!

As well as all of Spain and all of Argentina on offer, and we still do our £10 discount of every £150 ordered of course!

Now isn't that a reason to celebrate!!




*when you buy 2 or more bottles

Celebrating the departure of the snow!Date published: 16/03/13

Its the weekend and almost all the snow has melted thankfully!, not that we don't like snow but we do prefer to have at least the impression that spring is really on its way.

Over the past week I have needed some winter warmers to keep me going :-) . I had a fab Beef stew and dumplings with a Cotes du Rhone- Belleruche on Wednesday night, what a delight!,  a big hearty wine but without any harsh tannins, perfect winter fare! However , as I am of an optimistic nature and am convinced that the sun will shine properly very soon - tonight i'm planning a chicken and preserved lemon tajine with some nice steely Riesling from the Caves de Turckheim, yummy, I can't wait.

Cotes du Rhone Belleruche £5.99*

Riesling, Caves de Turckheim, £4.99*

* when you buy 2 bottles or more

A Spanish Sparkling Saturday...Date published: 08/03/13

Codorniu: Selección Raventós £4.49 Special Offer Price until the 18th of March!!

A step up from the Extra de Codorniu range, for years the Selección Raventós was kept only for the Raventós family - however for it's 125th anniversary of the first bottle being made, it was decided that this wine would be released to the public.

The grapes for this wine come from two separate vineyards, and are destemmed and gently pressed before yeat is added to start the fermentation. The bottles are stacked in underground cellars where secondary fermentation takes place and are aged for a minimum of 12 months before riddling and disgorgement take place, sounds like fun doesn't it! Its more fun to drink however, yeasty and biscuity,  this is one offer not to miss out on ...

On the nose, this wine offers intenses tropical fruit flavours such as pineapple and delicate stone fruit notes. Due to the extended time aging expect dried fruit and nut flavours, as well as the typical toast and butter tastes as well as a creamy texture on the palate which is rounded by light bubbles.

Serve between 5 - 8C as an aperatif or with light seafood dishes, rice based dishes, roasted chicken or baked fish.

Stock up before the 19th of MarchDate published: 07/03/13

There are only ten days or so left to avail of the following offers, make sure you don't miss out if you are planning a function in the next few months.

De Telmont Grande Reserve Champagne NV only £13!

Cava Cordoniu Brut NV £3.49

Cava Codorniu Rose NV @ £3.49

Peter Lehman Cabernet Sauvignon @ £5.99 each when you buy 2 or more instead of £8.49 each.

and last but certainly not least

Perrier Jouet Brut @ only £22, i know I am going to be having some of that before it runs out!


prices quoted valid for collections up to the 18th of March only

Sunshine and Wine of the Week!Date published: 04/03/13

The sky is blue and the sun is shining in Calais today, making me think of all those sunny days to come (fingers crossed!) so I think this glorious day  merits a Thai Green Curry and a Peter Lehman Dry Riesling in my house tonight.

The Peter Lehman is mineral, zesty and kaffir limey, with a nice taught finish, not lacking fruit whilst remaining bone dry! A refreshing alternative to NZ Sauvignon that I for one am getting bored with!

Its on the tasting counter today but if you are in at any point this week just ask and we will open one for you to taste, you just might surprise yourself...

Peter Lehman, Eden Valley, Dry Riesling, 2011. £6.49 each when you buy 2 or more.

Apres-skiDate published: 16/02/13

Are you heading to the mountains for mid-term? Don't forget to pop in on your way to stock up on all those apres-ski necessities, well the wine in any case! we may even be able to get it delivered to you at your destination by UPS! Call  us on 01923 298 297 for and we will take you through the process.

My Pick of the Spring Offers!Date published: 13/02/13

I'm back from another exceptional week of Diploma with the WSET school in London, my mind is whizzing with tastings and new regions that I have enjoyed and of course while I was gone in France we had a full price change.

Here are a few of the new offers that catch my eye:

Lagunilla Reserva Rioja £8.99 or buy two save £10! £3.99 each. This is a full fruity wine with hints of Christmas Cake spice and warming vanilla obtained from 24 months in oak cask. Enjoyable on its own or with a hearty lamb dish.

Paul Mas Chardonnay, at an unbelievable £2.99 on multibuy, this nectarine, melon, pineapple rich wine with a lovely hint of oakinessand hazlenut is absolutely delicious.

and finally onto my favourite type of wine: Sparkling!

Codorniu Seleccion Raventos, a blend of the typical Spanish grape varieties and Chardonny give this wine a lovely elegant style, I'll be enjoying this whilst revising for my exams over the next few months, especially at the bargain price of £4.49 you just can't go wrong!

New Zealand RedsDate published: 12/02/13

Everybody associates New Zealand with Sauvignon Blanc, this week we are sampling some reds to see how they hold up against their competitors, I think you will be pleasantly Surprised!

Wither Hills Pinot Noir VS Bourgogne Vielles Vignes Potel


Oyster Bay Merlot Vs Errazuriz Merlot

12th Feb to 18 Feb 2013

Spring Offers are hereDate published: 06/02/13

Our Spring offers are here,don't miss out on our fab Spanish and Argentinian wines, there are some real bargains to be had!

Majestic in Calais & Coquelles Closing Early Due to SnowDate published: 20/01/13

Majestic in Calais & Coquelles are closing at 4pm (French time) due to heavy snow. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A week of wine and spirits tasting, what a hard life!Date published: 15/01/13


I'm Katy one of the assistant managers here in Calais and I've just come back from a week of wine and spirits tasting for my diploma in London. What a week it was! Starting with a blind sparkling wine challenge in which Lindauer Rose beat a famous house champagne (associated with fish). Then onto a day of whisky, which really opened my eyes to this mystical product.

I then learnt why Rum has become such a big name recently, the depth of spice and flavour are delicious, definitely warmed the cockles! I also found out that the Navy measure of a Tot of Rum is roughly just under a pint...this was only abolished in the early 1970's. The Queen who can start or stop this tot of rum for the Navy brought it back in last year, for one day, on her Jubilee! What a way to celebrate!

Here in Calais we are having a South of France Tasting week starting this Friday, check back in when I explain about the delights I tried from the South of France in the last two days at my WSET week.

Happy Tasting (and Drinking) !

Rene's Guide to our New Fine Wines in store at Majestic in CalaisDate published: 23/10/12

Here at Majestic in Calais we have some Fine wines that are not available at Majestic in the UK, and Rene, our food and wine connoisseur here in France is going to lead us through them:

New Selection of Fine Wines

Bordeaux: Red

Chateau de Haut Bessac 2009 Magnum £12.99, €16.23 13310

Graves de Vayres is a small district in the Entre Deux Mers Sub region of Bordeaux, it also provides the name of the A.O.C. Graves de Vayres Grapes, blend of Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Ruby in colour this wine has a fruity and oak rich nose with plenty of body on the pallet.

Chateau Paveil de Luze 2007 Margaux £16.99 €21.23 11312

A.O.C. Margaux is a sub region of Medoc in Bordeaux. This is a Bordeaux Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. This wine presents a full bouquet on the nose and a palate of fruity flavours.

La Demoiselle de Sociando Mallet 2007 Haut Medoc £17.99 €22.48

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a touch of Cabernet Franc the flower Sociando-Mallet is the second wine of Sociando Mallet. Aromas of cassis, blackberry, cedar and vanilla supported by balanced tannins.

Les Colombiers de Feytit Clinet 2009 £18.99 €23.73 11309

Pomerol is a much respected red wine appellation in the Bordeaux region of South Western France. It is made of 95% Black Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. It has a hearty structure and deep flavours of dark fruits, plum and black currant berries.

Clos De Menuts 2002 £19.99 €24.98

Saint Emillion Grand Cru is a separate appellation from the general Saint Emillion. The term Grand Cru represents ultimate quality designated to a particular vineyard site in Saint Emillion. This wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet France and Cabernet Sauvignon and has a rich full earthy taste.

Chateau Louvieres 2002 Pessac-Leognan £22.99 €28.73

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. This vineyard uses the Guyot double budding pruning method to produce that are complex and rich, full of spice and dried fruit flavours.

Bordeaux: White

Chateau Suau Sauternes 2006 £22.99 €28.73

Sauternes wines are made from Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes. The nose has aromas of flowers and fruit that melt together to create a bouquet of remarkable complexity and balance. The primary aromas include quince, mango, pineapple, stewed peach, dried apricot and passion fruit.

Burgundy: Red

Chassagne Montrachet Jadot 2008 £24.99 €31.23

This wine was made in a village in the Cote de Beaune sub region of Burgundy with its own communal appellation that was created in 1937. The Chassagne Montrachet appelation covers both red wines made from Pinot Noir and white wines made from Chardonnay. This red has finely balanced tannins that go with the fresh notes of red berries. Burgundy: White

Meursault blanc Christian Bellang £19.99 €24.98

A beautiful deep lemon wine that has a fresh nose with notes of balsamic and candied lemon. On the palate this wines is full of fresh fruit, peach but with tastes of butter and toasted vanilla, this is a wine that shows the true complexity of the Chardonnay grape.

Check back in with us next week when Rene takes us on a journey into French Classic food and wine matching.

Please ask in store for more details all of these wines are subject to availability.  

CLOCKSDate published: 22/10/12

Don't forget the clocks go back an hour in France and England this weekend. It means a glorious extra hour in bed, but be sure to change your watches so you don't miss out on picking up your wine. We are open this Saturday 27th October and Sunday 28th October from 8am till 8pm.

Early Bird OffersDate published: 18/10/12

We're really getting into the swing of things here in Calais, by bringing forwards some of our (Christmas) shhhhh it's still Ocotober! Offers!

The ones that I want to shout about are:

Vina Eguia Reserva at £3.99 on multibuy, what a brilliant Rioja, this is full of spiced fruit flavours but complemented by a delightful soft vanilla touch, an all time favourite of mine with Lamb.

...and also, for those of you out there who like to forget about the weather and snuggle up with a big rich full wine then Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz is the one. In my top 5 if not my most favourite wine at Majestic this is rich, plummy and peppery and sure to ward off the cold! A bargain at just £7.99 on multibuy in France. Lets continue to #MakeAutumnRed

If you are organised enough to be looking further past the Autumn leaves into Winter, sparkles and Christmas then catch it while you can our Prosecco Corte Alta at just £3.66 per bottle. That's right £3.66 an absolute steal, fresh, peachy bubbly,  a great way to celebrate this Winter.

Staff Favourite's Recipes to go with Red Wine this Autumn: Coq Au ChambertinDate published: 07/10/12

Here is one of Anne Sophie's Favourite Recipes to warm you up this Autumn, Why not try it and let us know how you get on, this one is perfect with- you guessed it Gevrey Chambertin. But it would work well with a Bourgogne Rouge such as Nicholas Potel as well.

Recipe instructions:

Cut the chicken into pieces, and fry with the chopped onions, butter and lardons. Add cognace and flambe!

Add in tomatoe puree and sprinkle with flour. Add in some Chambertin red wine, add a little sugar, season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook for two hours.

Quarter of an hour before the end of cooking add mushrooms, and serve with garlic croutons.

Autumn Wines...Date published: 28/09/12

It may be the first year that Majestic is aiming to #makeautumnred but the lifecycle of our beloved viens is continuing so that they can carry on making autumn red, spring white, summer sparkling and winter...well bearable, for years to come. So as you are sipping on your Catena Malbec or Caceres Rioja Reserva, why not take a peek what is going on in other parts of the wine world at this time of the year...


Northern Hemisphere 

From mid to late September, most of your favourite vineyards will be harvesting the grapes that the vineyard and the wine makers have worked so hard towards. This time can last up to a month but remember that the closer to the equator that the vineyards lie, the earlier in September the harvesting will begin. White grapes are generally ready for harvest earlier than black grapes and as such as I type this many vineyards will be preparing their white grapes for the next stage of the wine makign process - the black grapes will be continued to be picked up until mid October.


Southern Hemisphere

Our more Southernley neighbours will be seeing the emeregence of new shoots, foliage and embryo branches round about now (some what contradicting what the wine makers in the North will be looking forward to). At this time we can expect new flowers to develop, which in turn will lead to new graoes (and new wine!) Some of our wine makers will be starting to spray their new vines in order to keep pests away from damaging their crops (but don't worry, the spraying stops well before harvest so no pesticides make it in to your wine).


So remember to think about the wine makers who are still working to bring you the best of their wines whilst you are sitting down to #makeautumnred with your Majestic in France goodies.

#MakeAutumnRedDate published: 27/09/12

The seasons are changing, the rain is coming in.

It's cold outside, but with Majestic in France you can still win.

Both warming and homely our wines hit the spot,

And with our pre-order discounts then why on earth not?

With fantastic Autumn offers in store and online,

#makeautumnred with our team's favourite wines,



Mont Milan Corbieres  = £2.99 on Multibuy

Alamos Malbec =  £3.99 on Multibuy

King Manuga Gran Reserva Rum  = £18.09 single bottle price

Errazuriz Merlot = £5.99 on Multibuy


Anthonys Yard, Graham Beck = £4.49 on Multibuy

Undurraga Brut = £4.99 Special Offer Price

Turckheim Pinot Noir = £3.99 on Multibuy

Undurraga Rose = £2.99 Special Offer Price

Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon = £6.99 on Multibuy

Nicolas Feuillate = £12 Special Offer to be collected by 15th Oct


Rioja Reserva Berberana = £3.99 on Multibuy

Errazuriz Carmenere = £5.99 on Multibuy

Durius Tempranillio = £3.99 on Multibuy


*Offers valid whilst stock last, until Oct 29th unless otherwise stated

Sauvignon ExplorationDate published: 21/09/12

Over this weekend we will have a variety of Sauvignon Blancs open to explore. We will have French, South African, New Zealand and Chilean and if you're really lucky maybe even a sparkling Sauvignon which is something of an innovation in the wine world. Come and find out why some are more full in fruit, others crisp and refreshing and find a new favourite!

A Single Variety Sparkling Saturday...Date published: 15/09/12

...it can only mean one thing. Lindauer Special Reserve Blanc de Blancs.


Made soley from Chardonnay grapes, this fizz is a pale straw gold colour, with small bubbles hales from Gisborne, Hawes Bay, New Zealand.


In the growing season, the Chardonnay grapes are times so that the fruit flavours are still in the fresh green apple and light citrus spectrum of flavours. This can be seen on the nose where you get light citurs notes on the nose that compliment the rich buiscuit notes that are created from an extensive period of time on it's lees (24 months)


On the palate, this flavours are futher supported by a rich creaminess found in wine that has had a little extra care and attention put into it. Again there are slight citrus notes found here in the guise of grapefruit, which creates a refined and elegent wine.


Either drink on its own but works beautifully with seafood, in particular shellfish.


This wine is always a winner when it comes to a toasting, although with a growing popularity it is becoming the perfect accesory to a girls night in.

E is for...Date published: 14/09/12



Here at Majestic in France we offer y ou several different payment methods.


All our prices are shown in Sterling, so that you can see the comparisons with the UK - they are then converted into Euros at our current in store exchange rate of €1.25:£1 (Sept 2012).


In order to pay Sterling you will need to pay either in Sterling CASH or Sterling CHEQUE. In order to pay by cheque you need to bring with you your passport - which we would hope you already have - and your debit card that is linked to the same account as the cheque. We then call a third part company called Transax who authorise your cheque, this involves a short phone call, sometimes if you are purchasing a large amount, havent used your chequebook in a while or have recently changed personal details they will ask some additional questions from you. Please note, Transax do not have access to your bank account.


To pay in Euros you can bring euro cash - please contact the store if you would like to know our in store exchange rate on the sate you visit.


You can also pay by card but please be aware that ALL card transactions (regardless of whether they are Credit or Debit cards) will go through in Euros. This will then be converted back into sterling by your bank or card provider. We do not know the daily rates of banks or providers so if you would like to pay this way, please ensure you have spoken to your bank BEFORE coming to France to find out what their exchange rate is, and if it is different to ours.


For more information please refer to the payment section of the following link: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/Help/FAQs#howshouldipay


Rum?!Date published: 13/09/12

Welcome to the exciting and interesting world of Dark Rum at Majestic in France!

Dark Rum is aged for longer than Clear/Golden rum in heavily charred oak barrels, making them possess a greater flavour than other rums.

Punta Cana Ron & Mael Colombia £14 20% abv
This is actually a rum and honey liqueur, an excellent combination with delicate balance of flavours and fragrances. Best served chilled with a slice of lemon

King Managua Gran Reserva Nicuragua £19 40% abv
Aged for a 7yrs this is a very smooth rum with flavours of caramel and vanilla.

Ron Cartivio Gold Peru £17 37.5% abv
Distilled from Molasses this rum is dominated by caramel with a finish of burnt sugar and toasty oak.

Ron Cartivio Black Peru £19 40% abv
This is a blend of nine different types of rum aged between 2-5yrs resulting in a smokey sweet taste with hints of dried fruit. Best drunk clean or on the rocks.

D'Aguiars 5yr old Rum Guyana £17 40% abv
This is a rich Demerara Rum with flavours of almond nuts, milk chocolate and gingerbread balanced by dried apricot and grapefruit.

Macollo Anejo 7yr Mexico £18 38% abv
Aged for seven years in American white oak barrels to give this amber coloured rum flavours of dried fruit and a lively and peppery taste.

Estelar Ron Anejo Venezuela £17 40% abv
Estelar is aged for five years consequently the flavours are of rich toffee, vanilla and classic dried fruits.

How will you try yours? Either on its own, on the rocks or my favourite mixed with ginger beer and a slice of lime for a 'Dark and Stormy' Cocktail. Perfect on a long Autumn evening!

D is for...Date published: 13/09/12



So the whole point to hopping the channel is to come and save a few pennies - take care of the pennies and the pounds will come rolling in - well here at Majestic in France we have made it even easier for you to save money.


We guarantee that you will save at least:

  • £2 off all wine*
  • £3 off all fizz*
  • £5 off all cases of beer*

On top of that we often have spot offers on where you can save a bit extra, as well as the pre-order fuel save discount of £10 off for every £150 you sepnd in store.


Check out how much you could save here: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/Savings and then check out some of our best offers here: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/find/keyword-is-Money+Savers







*Save £2 per bottle guarantee refers to still wine, £3 guarantee refers to sparkling wine and the £5 guarantee on beer relates to like for like pack sizes collected in person from Majestic in France only and is a comparison to Majestic Wine Wearhouses lowest available prices.

C is for...Date published: 12/09/12



Here at Majestic in France we have two stores: the Calais Superstore and Coquelles, the question is which one is for you?!


If you are travelling by ferry or want to place a particularly large order we suggest you come to the Calais Superstore. We are five minutes away from the ferry port and we also hold a lot more stock than Coquelles. For directions please follow this link: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/calaissuperstore


If you are coming by the Eurotunnel, then our Coquelles store is located five minutes away from the shuttle terminal. For directions please follow this link: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/coquelles


However, as it only takes ten minutes to get between the stores it really is up to you.

Beach BBQDate published: 04/09/12

The Majestic in France Beach Barbeque.

Now I absolutely love food, and I love wine, and I'm also rather a fan of the seaside so an evening with a bbq on the beach is my idea of heaven.

Here are my two favourite suggestions for a great food and wine matching BBQ sesh, check in later and we may bring you some more!

Having a prawn on the barbie? Try spicing with chili and matching with Yali Gewurtzraminer, fruity, floral and spicey, delightful.

Good ol' Sausage, why not try Chilean Carmenere, my favourite is Medalla Real Carmenere, a real powerhouse with spice and rich deep fruits, it'll even balance out the charcoally flavour of that slightly overdone Sausie!


We'll see you on the beach (AKA Majestic in France)!!!

B is for...Date published: 31/08/12



Did you know that here in France we not only sell wine but a fantastic aray of beers as well. Unlike the UK most of our beers come in packs of 24 - and as such we are £5 a case (of 24) cheaper than the UK thanks to tax savings here in France. #Wowza.


Not only do we hold your big name lagers like Stella and Peroni we also have some fantastic South of England Ales like Bishops Finger and Abbot Ale. We have also started to stock imported beers such as Leffe, Oranjeboom and Hoegarden - so #comeandexplore - you might jsut find something different to take your fancy!!!

A is for...Date published: 30/08/12



Buying wine isn't the easiest thing in the world. Here at Majestic in France we are aware of this fact. There are so many different grape varieties, and regions, and styles and the list just goes on...It isn't just as easy as saying I want a "red wine and I want a white one"


However, never fear. We are here to help.


Whether you want to know of an easy drinking red, a white that will go with a certain dish, the perfect toasting wine or just what are our favourite wines at the moment. Maybe you want to know how many bottles of wine to buy for an event, or you would like to know how our receipts work. Perhaps you want a bottle or two of your favourite wine and you can't see it on the website or maybe you want to try something that you wouldn't notmally try... just ask...


You can get us in store, over the phone (01923298297 or 0033321976300) via email (france@majestic.co.uk or calais@majestic.co.uk) or now you can get us on twitter(@MajesticCalais)


...with all these ways of getting in touch with us you really can #comeandexplore


Buying Wine in France - as easy as ABCDate published: 23/08/12

Over the next few weeks, Majestic Calais are going to give you the lowdown on buying wine in France in 26 neat little installments. From choosing to ordering to purchasing we aim to make it as easy as possible and we are hoping this guide will help


It really is as easy as ABC...

Red Wine's ... Purple? Brown? RED!Date published: 20/08/12

After our brief bubbly interlude we carried on our expedition in to the world of red wines. The amazing things was, having them poured out in front of us that they were such different colours. Red wine is red... right? Well maybe not! The first one was vibrant red, but quite pale- the stem of the glass was clearly visible. The second was deeper and the third almost purple, it was clear they were different style and countires- but what?!

The first was light fresh and fruity, Errazuriz Pinot Noir from Chile. The second, Chateau Romefort a delicioust Bordeaux, Jane McQuitty's 'Best with steak' recently in The Times. The third I put in becuase it's one of my all time favourites- Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz. This is such a fruity, spicy, rich and purple wine, earlier this year I managed to get a bottle unbroken to Norway where it warmed me up amongst the snow!

The vast difference between the three wines got us thinking about how to match them with food. Clearly they would not suit the same type of dish, but how to decide? Come and find out in the fourth and final installment!

The Adventure Continues...Date published: 16/08/12

After the thrill of the three blind white wines we had an enjoyable break in proceedings with De Telmont Grand Reserve and learnt about the steps to making champagne.

We mulled over that 2012 has been labelled 'the worst growing season in decades' in the Champagne region whilst supping the toasty nosed but fresh and fruity delight of De Telmont NV. I've been in Majestic over two years and somehow have never tasted this champagne but was really impressed! It punches well above its weight, and the nose really is incredibly brioche-y!

Finally Christopher Merret cropped up in conversation as three English staff members sat in France, drinking Champagne and revelling in the fact the Dom Perginon did not invent Champagne but it was England's own Christopher Merret!

Don't get me wrong, I love champagne but I also love that we have a claim to the inception of its creation!

The Three MuskateersDate published: 13/08/12

Last night Sophie, Mark and I set out on an adventure into the world of wine. The route was filled with blind tastings of old and new world, oaked and unoaked wines set to thrill, question and excite. After this voyage we delved even deeper and entered the magical realm of food and wine matching, both amazing and awful matches to show just how important this aspect is!

So what did we learn?

Go with your gut instinct

First stop was clean crisp and delicious, an old world, Loire Pouilly Fume that literally had us dribbling (highly acidic due to the cooler climate found in the old world vineyards). Delicious, refreshing and classically French, perfect with goats cheese, smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes. The wine in question was Pouilly Fume Cascadelles.

Don't judge a book by its cover... or a wine by its grape.

Two blind wines of the same variety at totally opposite ends of the spectrum, one lean crisp and refreshing, the other rounded, creamy and full of fruit. They were of course diametrically opposed chardonnays, the winemakers dream grape as it adapts to a huge amount of techniques and flavours. The first was Chablis Vocoret and the second Medalla Real Chardonnay. Old vs New World at its finest!

Check back in soon when we discuss the rest of our wine adventure!


Double TroubleDate published: 11/08/12

This week it's double trouble, De Telmont Champagne and Lindauer Special Reserve are open to celebrate!

Somehow I've managed to get two years into my Majestic career and have only just tried De Telmont, a full toasty nose with refreshing fruity pallet at an unbelievable £13. This is a sure fire winnner!

Lindauer Special Reserve...Date published: 07/08/12

Since starting here in Calais, I have noticed that there is one wine in particular that you, our customers go MAD for and that is the Lindauer Special Reserve Brut NV - you guys wait for it to go on offer and it sells out faster than the blink of an eye - so I thought I would do a little research into the wine that drives you lot crazy!!


Made from 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay this wine has a slight pinish hue to it's colour which has made it ever so appealing as the wedding wine. There is a yeasty elegence to this wine remoniscent of Champagne which can be derived from it's extended time on lee's in comparison to it's other siblings in the Lindauer range. This wine has a full fruit and honey flavour which is elegently balanced by it's steady mousse - and is perfect as an apeitif, a toasting wine or with food.


The grapes for this wine, start out in a challending way, the vineyards in which they are located is renowned for maturing grapes far past the ideal level for sparkling wines, and this can happen all to quickly. This means, therefore that the growers have to keep a careful eye out to makesure the grapes are harvested at the right time - which is generally earlier than other sparkling grapes in the region are picked. However this is a dangerous game as the growers have to ensure there is the right amount of fruit to balance the acidity - this meaning that Lindauer's top growers are on the case. This wine enjoys only the best right from the outset.


Once picked, the juice is seperated gently but quickly from the skins of the grapes and, unusually, it is allowed to oxidise slightly to remove some of the colour from the Pinot Noir grapes. Specially selected yeasts are then added to the juice in order to enhance and compliment the flavours that are already encoumbent in the wine - and again, speed is used to quickly ferment the wine under strict conditions (still in contact with the yeast - this creates the beautiful toastiness so associated with this wine).


Like all good sparkling wines, this juice is then cellered (horizontally) for a minimum of three months before it is fined to remove the yeast sediment that it has been sitting on) before being blended with reserve wine (this is wine from previous harvestes). Generally in this wine you can expect 60% Pinot Noir to 40% Chardonnay but this can vary slightly from year to year depending on the crops.


This blend of wine has sugar and a little more yeast added before being bottled, and laid on their side for the secondary fermentation. This can last up to 8 weeks in which time the added sugar is converted into alcohol and Co2 which gives the wine it's bubbles. The wine will then stay on it's least (the yeast that has been converted) for around 24 months at which point it is considereed toasty enough for the yeast to be removed and the wine released to the public for fantastic consumpiton.


Launched in 1996 this wine has experienced 16 years of popular consumption by customers and it is clear to see why when you look at the care that is put into producing this wine for your consumption.


Here's to another 16 years, and at £5.99 (until September 3rd 2012) I am sure it will continue to have a long and happy life!!

Did you know??Date published: 07/08/12

...that we can arrange glass hire for you!!!


If you are having a big party, celebration or event and need some glasses or chiller bins for the occasion we can sort it for you. Either when you pre-order or once you have arrived in store just let one of our members of staff know that you would like to hire glasses, we will get you a form to fill in and BOOM we will get it sorted on your behalf...


Just a few things to remember:

Glasses need to be ordered in multiples of twelve.

We will need to know which store you would like to collect and return the glasses to (it must be the same store)

...and which dates you would like to collect and return them.

All glasses are subject to a £1 deposit which is fully refundable on return of them clean and unbroken

Chiller bins are subject to a £15 deposit which is fully refundable on return of them being clean and unbroken.


Planning a party with Majestic in France couldn't be easier!!!

And this weeks Sparkling Saturday is...Date published: 04/08/12



"A blend of 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir, this top of the Lindauer range. Great complexity and a rich fruity flavour, with just a blush of rosé colour. Great to drink on its own or with light foods. "


This wine has been flying of our palates for Weddings, Parties, Celebrations or general happy occasions - why not pop in later today and try it for yourself


It's time to see what all the fuss is about



Top Wines For SummerDate published: 30/07/12

Top 100 for Summer

Jane McQuitty is a highly influential wine writer and has written for the Times since 1982. This summer in her Top 100, here at Majestic in France we have 7 of her picks in stock. This is fantastic news, and great hats off to the work our buyers do to ensure that our range offers quality and diversity with brilliant wines.

Lets take a look at the line up:

Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc: £3.99 on Multibuy at Majestic in France
This is a fresh and fruity wines, names after the 120 patriots who helped lead Chile to Independence. Crisp and refreshing, this wine offers an abundance of grapefruit and lemon fruit flavours, delivered in a softer, more tropical fruit texture.

Wither Hill Chardonnay
This New Zealand Chardonnay, at £5.49 on multibuy at Majestic in France boasts powerful flavours of lime, grapefruit and white peach, all underlined by a creamy nutty character. Jane called it 'Impossible to fault'.

Bouvet Ladubay Saumur Brut
STAR BUY BARGAIN FIZZ- Only £4.99 at Majestic in France till 2nd August
I have just snapped up some of this for a party I'm having, and then Jane went and recommended it! A beautiful fruity bubbly full of apple flavours and zesty characteristics. This is absolutely flying off the shelves, and did I mention it's owned by champagne house Taittinger!

And Now Onto Reds:

Marquis De Belleville, Multibuy Price at Majestic in France = £3.99
This is a rich plummy wine with elegant tannins and fruity flavours of ripe plum and berry flavours, with plenty of concentration.

Santa Rita 120 Merlot
Like its partner in the whites, this wine is genuinely very well made, jammy and inky with lovely flavours of currents, plums and ripe red fruits. If you want great value, delicious tasting matching wines for a party or wedding, then look no further than the 120 series!

2010 Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir Nicholas Potel
Last year Potel's chardonnay swept the nation after being recommended on Saturday kitchen, and now the red is proving that it is just as good. An exceptional value for money wine - £5.99 on multibuy at Majestic in France, strawberry flavours with a touch of smokiness in the beautiful old vine red Burgundy.

And Last but by no means least:

Chateau Romefort
STAR BUY BEST WITH STEAK £5.99 on multibuy at Majestic in France until 9th August
Now just for the fact that there is a best with steak category makes me happy! And this Bordeaux does go exceptionally well. Plenty of ripe red and black forest fruits on both nose and palate, with subtle spiciness and a restrained savoury streak. Tannins are slim and pliant, for an easy-drinking, mellow feel. Delicious!

Lindauer Sauvignon Blanc - Brut!Date published: 28/07/12

Lindauer Sparkling Surprise, this is our Saturday sparkler made of Sauvignon Blanc. Not a grape usually used in sparkling, this ripe fruit and refreshing bubbly is a must try!

Why not pop one in your pre-order basket and see what all the fuss is about. If you love New Zealand Sparkling...and most people do, why not try a bubbly one on a long summers afternoon to celebrate with friends!

£4.99 on offer at the moment here in France. Bargain!

Bouvet- A sparkler owned by Taittinger?!Date published: 20/07/12

And the winner this week is Bouvet Ladubay Saumur, as I write this there is a bottle chilling in my fridge at home that I'm going to enjoy with my fiancee & friends this evening on the beach (if it's not raining!)

And why have I chosen this? Well becasue it's delicious, A light and fruity sparkler made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes in the traditional method. Bursting with floral aromas, the delicate bubbles tease the taste buds. It's prefect as an aperitif or for a toast and is on my 'list to try for the wedding' Oooh and at £4.99 it's pretty high up the list!

Oh and did I mention Bouvet are the second oldest producer of Sparkling wines in Loire... and they are owned by the superb Champagne house Taittinger?

Let me know what you think!

Everyone Loves A Freebie...Date published: 18/07/12

Get  a free Oranjeboom t-shirt when you buy two trays of Oranjeboom Cans - at £14.99 per tray (24 x 500ml) it's an offer not to be missed!!


Hurry - only valid whilst stocks last!!!

Managers Choice: Càceres CrianzaDate published: 17/07/12

Seeing as it has gone on such a good offer, I have decided that my Managers Choice has got to be the Marqués de Càceres Rioja Crianza. Coming from the heartland of  the Rioja Alta this Crianza is everything you expect from a big hitting Rioja - and then some. Aged in French oak (rather than American) there is a slight hint of oak on the palate, but expect rich blackberry and cherry aromas on the nose with red summer fruits such as strawberries and red cherries on the palate. There is a hint of sweet spice on the palate that is excentuated within the length.


A perfect balance of tannins makes this the ideal wine to serve at a wine and cheese night, or to accompany spicey tapas dishes.


Come and Explore



Sparkling Bastile SaturdayDate published: 14/07/12

In light of it being Bastile day here in Calais we are rolling out the big guns.


Pop in to store to try our favourite Heidseck Goldtop 2005 at £17. And if you crazy cats are lucky we may open the Jaquart at £12 later in the day...


Wines Of Chile.Date published: 11/07/12

This week, Majestic in Calais are taking you on a whirlwind tour of our favourite vinyeards in Chile...


Being a largely isolated country geographically, and imposing strict laws regarding the movement and planting of vines it is one of the few countries that has stayed Phylloxera free as well as being relatively unscathed by other vineyard pests. In addition to this the varying altitude, terroir and general vineyard terrain have created wines that are fit for all tastes, styles and budgets. Being part of the New World expect big bold fruity flavours: jammy warming reds that are ideal for a night in on the sofa whilst it's cold and raining outside and fresh and fruity whites that are ideal on hot summer days - think BBQ's with friends.


Here in Majestic in Calais we have the full Louis Felipe Edwards Mountain View range*: Merlot, Cabenet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc all at £2.99 when you buy two or more. This range provides you with a perfect insight in to what Chile has to offer and these wines are proving to be extremely popular for wedding's due to the fact that we have the matching range. The Mountain View Carmemere was championed by Saturday Kitchen who suggested it is a perfect accompaniment to home-made lasagne.

At £3.99 on mulitbuy we have the Santa Rita120 range* which includes: Merlot, Carmenere, Sauvignon Blanc and Viogner. These wines are slightly more refined and the falvours are a little more pronounced. They have proven to be very popular here in Calais and they sell out quick. The 120 range are ideal for nights in with the girls, as party wines or just for an aperetif.


My first insight into Chilean wines came in the guise of the Yali range*, which I am happy to say we stock in France. My personal favourites are the Sauvignon Blanc which provides a refreshing change to New Zealand Sauvignon and at £3.99 on multibuy is a steal. We also have the more elusive Gewurtztraminer and Viogner in this range (both at £4.79 on multibuy) - which are perfect with spicey foods and is a curve ball that many find more than pleasent.


For an all rounder we have the Chilean Vistamar desert wine at £3.49 on mulitbuy. This half bottle desert wine goes beautifully with chocolate and orange deserts or poured over vanilla ice cream for a sticky sweet pudding.


Come and Explore


*Subject to availability

July 14thDate published: 10/07/12

As i'm now living in France I'm trying to get involved with the numerous fete days, the fete de la Musique I enjoyed in St Malo on holiday with a fun festival attitude of various stages around the port town.

This Saturday sees Bastille Day in my home town of Calais, I'm looking forwards to polo on the beach and then fireworks over the fort. I would travel anywhere to see fireworks but being able to see these from the beach that i'm living on reflected in the sea will be magical!

But what is it all about? I thought I'd do a bit of homework and see: Bastille Day is a National holiday in France - but do not despair Majestic will still be open as usual!  During the 1700's France was ruled by a monarchy that made decisions that were not popular.

The Bastille was a prison in France that to many people was a symbol of all the bad things done by the monarchy. On July 14, 1789, a large number of French citizens gathered together and stormed the Bastille.

The people of France celebrate the storming of the Bastille as the bginning of the French revolution which brought about great changes for the county. 

So if you're coming to visit us this weekend then join with me and raise a glass to France and make sure it's something appropriate- Jacquart NV Brut maybe or Louis Bouillot Cremant!

Jacquart Mosaique £12Date published: 07/07/12

Jacquart at £12... No you don't need your eyes testing it is £12 at Majestic in France and Open to TASTE for a short time only!

I love the summer, and this will be the perfect way to celebrate when the sun comes out!

Sparkling SaturdayDate published: 29/06/12

Sparkling Saturday this week must be Lindauer Blanc de Blanc, a fantastic bubbly at £5.99.

The Lindauer Special Reserve range is a step up from the standard range, spending 24 months on its lees rather than the usual 15 months. This Blanc de Blancs NV comes from 100% White Chardonnay grapes, which also give Champagne their elegance.

 It has a citrus flavouer with a creaminess that is reminiscent of Champagne, a brilliant buy!

Sparkling SamediDate published: 15/06/12

And Sparkling Saturday Tomorrow is Prosecco Di Conegliani which is back in stock at a fantastic price of £6.99.

Lets bring on the summer with this beauty, pineapples and tropical fruit galore, goes perfectly with a rich fruit tart or equally good on its own in the garden with friends!

A family Champagne for the homesick...Date published: 15/06/12

I have been in Calais since February and although I love it more than life, I am a home girl and I do miss my friends and family back in the motherland from time to time. This is all the more intensified when my friends and family come out to visit (well, more when they leave actually but you know what I mean...) In the past two weeks my dad and his family came out to visit, followed shortly by five days with my mum, and of all the time we spent together it felt slightly over shadowed by there departure and the following day and a half where I feel really really homesick.

HOWEVER!!! I think I may have found the cure to those feelings...two days at Champagne Bollinger, with some fantastic people, fantastic tours and information, fantastic food and of course...some out of this world Champagne.

It all started with a bright and breezy 5.45am wake up call as I quickly shoved the remainder of the night before packing into my bag and headed down to Calais Ville. A quick ten minute train ride and I was at Frethun, jumping across the platform and becoming Paris bound within a few minutes. After a cat nap on the train, a fair few coffee's (and a resulting caffeine rush) I was at Paris Gare de l'Est meeting the rest of my party (the grown up sense of the word) where we jumped on to train two of the day and were whizzing our way towards Epernay with a nice refreshing glass of Bollinger Rose in hand (it's the only way to travel).

On arrival we were created by the lovely Caroline (oh SO French) and she started to tell us a little more about Champagne Bollinger. The history of the house and how it was so family orientated. The vineyards had been passed on from father to son for many years (all of whom were called Jacques) before the final son passed away and Champagne Bollinger was passed on to his wife, Lilly - who has become an icon for the Champagne House. Caroline went on to tell us how Bollinger is only one of three 'main' Champagne producers that is still family owned - and in my state of homesick recovery this really hit me as being amazing. When more and more wine and Champagne houses were becoming owned by other Champagne houses, Bollinger had stood as a minority, and as a family business. It was engrained everywhere. As all the work and workers were sourced locally, there was a sense of pride to be linked to Bollinger, you could see what this House meant for the town of Ay (pronounced Ay-ee - 1990's youth style-e), and as we were told, everyone in the town had a link to Champagne.

After my moment of 'the-power-of-family' washed over me, Caroline took us first on a tour of the vineyards where I was, geekily, very excited. We walked up to the Cote aux Enfants, which is where the best of Bollinger’s Pinot Noir grapes come from and it was beautiful (...I could go on but for fear of boring you all with in depth details of viticulture I shall refrain - if by any chance someone would like to hear all the details about how the vines were growing etc. do not hesitate to call). However (and I am going to bore you with this one), we got to go and look at one of the two sites that Bollinger have that are completely Phylloxera free - to wine buffs...it was amazing...to those who don't know much about wine, it is huge (in terms of importance, size wise its actually quite small).

After the vineyard tour we headed over to see the production of the champagne, some in stainless steel fermentation vats, which were surprisingly small and the rest in oak barriques, which were surprisingly big. There was something quite magnificent about how small the production area was for the quality and the popularity of the final product - although not quite as magnificent as seeing the Cooper at work fixing the barrels in the next work shop along. We were informed that as the majority of wine (in general) is now fermented in stainless steel, this was a rare sight especially in Champagne, and to see him at work was fascinating. The speed at which he worked and the quality of what he created. It was intense.

Our Next stop was the cellars. Well...You could of just left me there.

It was the most incredible site - walls and walls of magnums of reserve wines (used to make the Special Cuvee) greeted us - literally thousands of bottles all neatly stacked (which, with someone as clumsy as me was a bit of a worry - I am not going to lie) some that had been there slowly maturing for years. It was an amazing site, and the further into the cellars we got the further along the wine making process we got - the different ways in which the wines are stored depending on the type of wine they are making, and the age of some of them. We walked past Bollinger wine library’s that had bottles from the 1800's - it was insane. And the highlight - getting to see Bollinger’s new Mini-Magnum bottle, (for all you Bolly fans out there, just you wait until you see it - beautifully designed and it does make the wine taste better).

Speaking of tastings:

We then spent the afternoon tasting some of the finest wines Bollinger had to offer in specially made Reidel Champagne Bollinger glasses, which were so beautiful, and they held the Champagne so elegantly.

We were told at the start of the day that Bollinger wants to be judged on its Special Cuvee NV Champagne, they want to get this so right because this is what most people will drink, so this is what we started with - roasted apples and peach on the nose with yeasty brioche notes with hints of pear and light spice on the palate. I mean if it's good enough for the Ab Fab girls it's good enough for us! It's definitely one of my favourite NV Champagnes.

This was followed by the Special Cuvee Rose - now I am not a massive Rose Champagne fan but there has to be an exception to every rule, right? Salmon in colour, it was filled with summer red fruit flavours on both the palate and the nose - strawberry, red currents. It's the kind of Champagne you can imagine taking on a picnic in the woods on a summers day with someone who you want to fall in love with (but don't want to come across too heavy).

We then got on to the heavy hitters, my all time favourite (and the wine that I celebrated moving to Calais with) La Grand Annee 2002. Hello Heaven. I'm talking yeasty loveliness on the nose, stone fruits, a slight stewed appleness followed by this silkiness that I cannot describe on the palate, words are beyond me for this wine, (which doesn't happen very often) the only way for you to know what I mean is to try it. It is the most beautiful celebration Champagne. I honestly thought I was at my peak when we tried this, but there was a fourth glass in front of us all, and when Caroline brought out the La Grand Annee Rose 2004, one of the party squealed a little with excitement.

Now as I said, I am not a huge fan of Rose Champagne but when the first aromas wafted up to my nose and the first bit of champagne graced (oh yes graced) my palate I was converted. Red currents and almonds on the palate, and more yeast than the Special Cuvee Rose, followed by light cherries (almost kirsch like) on the palate with the perfect balance of a slight toastiness.
Yes. I was oh so happy.

After a quick pit stop at the hotel where we tried to make ourselves look as respectable as possible (and with orange hair and a flare for bright colours that is a lot harder than it sounds) we headed back over to Champagne Bollinger for more talk some out of this world food which was all paired with the wines that we had tried earlier in the day. Each course balanced the wine and the food perfectly, and as we all got a little more comfortable around us the talk started to flow and the eleven of us were chatting like we had known each other for years (in reality it had been hours). Again, it got me to thinking about being at home and with friends and family and yet, another glass of fantastic Champagne stopped me from getting homesick.

At every step of the day, I was made to feel like I was at home in their surroundings, more like a member of their (very) extended family than a guest... I imagine there is a possibility for some Champagne houses to overwhelm you with their grandeur, and although you know the power of Champagne Bollinger you are not made to feel insignificant by it. I felt such an affiliation that day and it really did help me beat those Homesick Blues that had been creeping in since my mum went back to the UK - I truly have come to believe that a day at Champagne Bollinger is all you need to cure even the saddest of feelings. .

...Now all I need is a way to stop myself from feeling homesick about Bollinger...

Bank Holiday Opening times...Date published: 04/06/12

Here in the Majestic in France Calais superstore Bank Holidays do NOT mean shorter opening hours. We will be open from 8 am until 8pm today and tomorrow so you can stock up onm your wines this Bank Holiday, whether that be on your way out for a holiday or your way back :)

AND THE WINNER IS...Date published: 04/06/12

Majestic in France always strives to bring you the best quality wines, well now we have taken it one step further and we are bringing you award winning wines...


Award season is well and truely kicking off in the wine world at the moment with both the Decanter World Wine Awards and the International Wine Challenge announcing their winners a couple of weeks ago and we are proud to announce that many of the wines that we stock here in France won awards:


- The Ned Sauvignon Blanc won the trophy for "Best New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Under £10" at the Decanter World Wine Awards, this is added to Marisco Vineyards (where the Ned is grown and made) being awaded the "New Zealand Winery of the Year" at the International Wine Challenge in 2011 as well as winning a Silver Award at the International Wine Challenge this year.


- Jim Barry Riesling and Shiraz and Yalumba Y series Viogner all won a Silver Award at the International Wine Challenge - showing that Australia has much more to give than just Chardonnay (all of which are open to try for the next couple of weeks as part of our Australia tasting week).


- As well as being rated as one of the best Chardonnays you will ever try on Saturday Kitchen last Christmas the Bourgogne Chardonnay Vielles Vignes, Nicolas Potel also won a Silver Award at the International Wine Challenge - showing that this wine is enjoyed by the experts as well as the chefs.


- Our Lindauer range (including the Brut, Special Reserve Brut, Rose and Sauvignon Blanc) all picked up a Bronze Award at the International Wine Challenge this year which suggests that these New Zealand Sparklers are great value and it is good to see that their growing support is being recognised.


These are just a few of the many wines that we stock that have been awarded a category prize or a medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards and the Inetrnational Wine Challenge this year, why not come into store and see if your favourite wine has been recognised as a winner...

A double Sparkling Saturday!Date published: 02/06/12

Today we have the fantastic Prosecco Corte Alta £3.66 open and Undurraga Rose at £2.99. We're loving the Jubillee here and want to celebrate with bubbly which is prefect for parties! 

The Prosecco is light, incredibly fruity and slightly sweet, a perfect aperitif.

 The Undurraga is Chile's famous fizz bursting with strawberry and raspberry flavours.

Heidseick Gold Top 2005 Date published: 27/05/12

This week, Heidseick Gold Top 2005 is open, A fantastic bottle of Vintage Champagne at just £15 in our offer for collection upto the 11th June. Toasty and bursting with apples, delightful!

Manager's Choice: Anakena ChardonnayDate published: 22/05/12

In leiu of the sun coming out my second managers choice is another white wine: Anakena Central Valley Chardoanny. It is part of the New Chilean range and a perfect summer wine. This is a fully unoaked chardonnay - so not like the stereotypical full of oak and tasting of trees type! On multibuy this wine is £3.99, go on surprise youself try something new!

Anakena Chardonnay is absolutely bursting with tropical fruit flavours, it has undergone partial wild yeast fermentation which gives it a good amount of body and a touch of creaminess to finish off.

This wine would partner seafood such as a tuna steak very well, or enjoyable on its own whilst relaxing in the garden!

Majestic Make-OverDate published: 21/05/12

Majestic In Calais is having a Make Over, our faded and jaded green and purple walls are being cleaned and repainted, and the old signs replaced. This is quite an epic undertaking as it is a large store and smilarly to England it rains quite a lot. Do not be put off if you drive in and one of our two car parks is closed. I promise we are STILL OPEN! We are here 8am till 8pm everyday come rain or shine, painters or no painters!

Please bear with us while we have this work done and come the summer we'll have our lovely new Majestic in France signs and vibrant walls thet will be sure to coax the sun out, we might even have to open some bubbles to celebrate....

Lovely Jubbly! Jubilee Bonanza In Store Now!Date published: 17/05/12

We love a good reason to celebrate in Majestic and the Jubilee is no exception, to honour the event we have Prosecco Corte Alta at £3.66. Yes you are reading correctly =  £3.66, Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles, this wine is packed full of fresh peach, pear, apricot and apple.

If you're looking for a full Champagne then look no further for a limited time only we have Nicholas Feuillate at £12 and Heidsieck Gold Top at £15. Perfect for a toasty & elegant way to shout hooray!

Never fear if you are more of a fan of still wine we have Riverlands Run Marlborough Sauvignon down at £2.99 and Eguia Crianza at £2.99 as well, well worth the quick trip accross the water to see us in France!

But hurry, these offers are strictly limited and available whilst our stocks last upto the 28th May, get in quick, come and see us and stock up so you can enjoy the bank holiday weekend with delicious great value wines!

Stocked Up and Ready for the Weekend!Date published: 16/05/12

So after weeks of tense waiting and hoping the ship hadn't sunk or been taken over by pirates our latest shipment of wines has arrived. The Ned a personal favourite and ultimate bargain at £3.99 sits proudly opposite the Argento Malbec which has returned in all its glory at £3.49.

Alamos Malbec and Gestos Malbec stocks are again looking healthy so the mighty malbecs again have power and dominion in the shop! Which one is your favourite? Both would match perfectly with a barbeque when the sun at last comes out.

Pol Roger is also gracing us with its elegant and refined presence, and newcomer Giesen Sauvignon Blanc has joined the ranks in the Majestic in France family.

All in all we are stocked up and ready for the weekend, parties, events, birthdays, dinner we're ready- are you?!

Come on over and see what we have in store!



Sparkling Saturday: Comte de LamotteDate published: 11/05/12

Every Saturday we will open a bottle of Sparkling wine: Sometimes more than one, you never know in Crazy Calais!

To set this off with a bang, we're opening our New Champagne Comte de Lamotte. A brilliant wedding bubbly, easy on the purse but full of fresh fruit flavours and and fine bubbles, the perfect toast!

If you're lucky we might open it next Saturday too, and all of the Saturdays in May in fact. So come to Majestic in Calais and celebrate with us! Be it a wedding, a party, Queen's Jubilee or just when the Sun comes out we all have something to celebrate and Comte de Lamotte is a great way of doing so!

Manager's Choice: Yalumba Y Series ViognierDate published: 08/05/12

For the first Manager's Choice on the new website I'm heading all the way over to Australia to bring you Yalumba's Y Series Viognier. This full bodied dry white wine is bursting with ripe apricot and peach flavours, balanced with a crisp acidity and floral notes. It's a perfect match for a tuna steak or a lightly spiced Thai Curry. On offer from £7.49 down to £4.99 on multibuy this is sure to bring a smile!

Planning an Event?Date published: 04/05/12

Planning a Special Event? Party, Wedding, Anniversary?

Struggling with numbers, quantities or what type of wine? Here at Majestic in France we are here to help!

Why not start with the new and improved party planner from Majestic UK? It is a great place to start and will give you some rough idea's as to how many bottles you may need per-person as well as explaining our glass and chiller bin loan (all of which we can organise for you in France):  http://www.majestic.co.uk/Services/Parties

Couple this with the brand new saving calculator that can be found on the Majestic in France website and you will be able to see how far your money can stretch by crossing the Channel: http://www.majesticinfrance.co.uk/Savings  

As for what type of wine?

As with anything, personal preference is key to chosing the wines for your celebration. Here in France we have seen some key players for the celebratory wines:

  • New Zealand Sauvignon's bursting with elderflower and gooseberry
  • Italian Pinot Grigios, a lighter, delicate floral wine.

Both of these are light and elegent whites that are all round crowd pleasers.

  • Our friend Chardonnay is still fighting off an old stigma whilst more unusual grapes such as Viognier and Gewurztraminer have a fantastic aromatic quality which can be too much for some people, this is always something to consider when planning an event.

For the reds:

  • A good Chilean Merlot bursting with plumy fruit are proving to be popular especially with our widening range.
  • For a lighter alternative either a French Beaujolais packed with cherry fruits or a Pinot Noir (think strawberry jam flavours) are good choices. Light enough to be enjoyed with or without food, and being slightly lower in alcohol than other heavier grapes they are perfect for an event that is due to run into the earlier hours.

Of course a celebration wouldn't be complete without some bubbles. Here in France we have the big names such as Veuve Cliquot and Lanson as well as some more value friendly Champers (like the brand new Comte de Lamotte - which at £12 per bottle is a steal), that can be perfect for a toast followed by some fantastic sparklings such as Lindauer or Prosecco to continue the celebration in style.


You can try before you buy!!!

If you get in touch with us via the customer service phone (01923 298 297) we can arrange for you to try a small sample of the wines you are thinking of buying at your local Majestic in the UK before coming over here. Furthermore, we have a large selection of wines for you to taste open on our Tasting Counter when you get here so the chance of being sent away with something you are not happy with will be very slim!

If the party planner or this brief guide leaves you with other questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch. All our staff speak excellent English and they are always ready to lend a hand to make finding the right wines all the easier for you.

Welcome!Date published: 03/05/12

Hello and welcome to our brand new Majestic in Calais page!

To celebrate this momentous occasion we popped open our exciting new addition to the Champagne range Comte de LaMotte, a light fresh and fruity champagne, in a lovely elegant style perfect for toasts!

We hope that this website will provide an opportunity to get to know our Majestic Team in Calais, and keep you up to date with products , offers, staff reviews, instore tastings and much much more! Our online tasting counter will show wines open to taste for a period of two weeks but rest assured that instore we will have even more to try before you buy! We also have twitter so if you want as it happens updates then please follow us on @majesticcalais

Come and Explore!

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